Thursday, February 1, 2007

Small town news

I come from a small town. My hometown of, Howard, S.D., has a weekly newspaper that I still receive and enjoy reading. Along with the typical small town news, I like to read the classifieds. My favorite classified was printed about a year ago in the "Lost and Found" section. This is exactly how it read:

Found: One commercial deli meat slicer.
Reward wanted. Call 605-XXX-XXXX.

Now, what I can't understand is, how can someone lose a commercial deli meat slicer? These microwave oven sized slicers, with the blade that goes back and forth slicing bowling ball sized hunks of ham, don't normally get misplaced. He must have "found" it just lying around behind the display case of meat and figured someone must have "dropped" it while strolling through the deli. I wonder how much reward he is expecting. If the reward is not enough, will he keep the slicer? Well, I sure hope the poor deli manager realizes that he is missing one of his slicers and calls this Good Samaritan and "rewards" him with what he deserves

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