Wednesday, February 28, 2007

S(no)w Fun!

What a difference a week makes. My spring fever has broken. My kids had their first snow day ever when school got cancelled today. And I wasn't there for it. I had to work. Cub doesn't ever close. And there's a reason. Even when the blizzard was at it's strongest, visibility was nil and everyone was getting stuck in the snow, people still went to the grocery store for chips and donuts. There is something about bad weather that drags people out of their homes to shop. I feel sorry for Lady Di. She had the kids all day. And I mean all day. I left for work at 7:30am and came home at 9:45pm. With the kids, Lady Di played in the snow, played games, made snacks, drew pictures, ran the snow blower, shovelled the driveway, churned butter, milked the cows and still had time to pack for her scrapbook weekend in Brainerd. I hope the roads are plowed by tomorrow. Have fun making our memory pages, Honey.


simplicity said...

Hopefully you got to enjoy the snow day today with the kids. It sure looks beautiful out there, just makes the roads a mess!

Hope Dianne has a safe trip to Brainerd and a good time scrappin'!

Lex Ham Rand said...

Wow - you had big snow too! We used to live in Brainerd before St. Paul - it was WAY snowier in Central MN.

I have the luxury of telecommuting today, but instead of my plan to "check the email" once or twice while I shovel and eat and nap I have been getting a LOT of emails and a LOT of cell phone calls. What's up with these people? Don't they know it's a snow day!!

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