Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Sweet Pea File

Warning: Cute kid story ahead!
My daughter, Sweet Pea, had a Valentine's Day party at her preschool yesterday. Cards were exchanged, games were played and candy was eaten. A pretty good party. One of the games played was Bingo. SP won a prize. The prize was a bronze colored, turtle key chain. When you squeezed the turtle's belly, it clicked. So the entire morning was full of, click, click, click.
"Daddy, my turtle wants to tell you a secret."
Click, click, click stabbing my ear drum from point blank range.
When I could hear again, I asked her if her turtle had a name.
Without hesitation, she said, "Turtie."

Now, I know what that name sounds like. I had to fight back the tears from stifling my amusement. "Turdie, huh? Are you sure?" "Yup."
I should have been able to predict this. Her stuffed kitten is named Kitty, and her leopard is named Leppy. So we had to tell Mommy too. She had a similar reaction to mine. SP started to pout because she didn't know why we were laughing at her. Mommy had to explain the other meaning for the word turdie. SP didn't seem to see why that was important. We tried to talk her into another name.
"I guess I could call her Shelly.", suggested SP.
"That sounds pretty good." , I encouraged.
"No, I like Turtie better." , she said.
I guess his name is Turtie.
So, the rest of the morning she played with Turtie. Saying things like, "Turtie is hungry. Turtie is swimming in the water. I love you Turtie.
As you can see, our house is full of potty mouths.
SP did eventually decide on the name of Shelly.
Then shortly thereafter, Shelly broke.


simplicity said...

Oh brother Loren...nice pic! How aprospos

(great story though, Lady Di had my cracking up yesterday on the phone about it)

AppleSauce said...

Hahaha!! That is hilarious!! Sweetpea is adorable! She reminds me a lot of me as a little kid ^_^

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