Friday, May 25, 2007

Let's Hit the Road

It's not fair! Number One Son isn't even nine years old yet, and he already has his own car. His great grandpa Roy collected and restored cars when he was alive. He had various classic cars that went to family members after he died. He also had a 1930 Model A Roadster with a rumble seat left in the garage. Now that Gramma Ollie is moving to an apartment, there is no room for the Roadster. Gramma Ollie said the car now belongs to N1S. Lady Di had the great idea that N1S and I should restore the car ourselves. A father-son project. Judging by my mechanical prowess, we should be able to take a Sunday drive to the lake by about 2097. I'm pretty good at checking spark plug fluid, and tightening the muffler belt. But that's about all. I did fix a pesky dashboard light that wouldn't shut off by covering it with a piece of black electrical tape once.

Although, this would a be a great time to get an awesome set of new tools. "Kids! Were going to Sears!"

The car is actually in very good shape for 77 years. Very little rust and only a few interior rips. The rumble seat still rumbles too. Grampa Roy took very good care of his cars.

We just had the Roadster towed from Gramma Ollie's house to ours last weekend. The next morning N1S and I were putting our shoes on in the garage. I asked him if he wanted to see his car from Gramma Ollie and Grampa Roy. He took a quick scan of the garage and asked, "Where is it?".

When I pointed to the bright red Roadster 6 feet away, his eyes grew to saucer size and he said, "That? Really?"

I nodded and he said, "Can I drive it?"

"Yeeeeah. About that. I don't think that's gonna work."

I then got two buckets and two rags and set N1S and his sister, Sweet Pea, to washing his car. The 40 year old dust mostly got moved around rather than wiped off, but they were excited to do it.

Now N1S wants to show everyone his new car. Which doesn't sit well with SP. She thinks it belongs to both of them. When N1S tells friends about his car, SP pipes up and wails, "I washed it too!"

She also likes to call the car, 'Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang.'

I guess there is a slight resemblance.

I think they will both get their turns to ride and eventually drive.
I guess I will treat this as a personal challenge. N1S and SP and I will learn about classic auto mechanics together. We may also learn the concept of the money pit. But who can put a price on bonding with your children?


DJ Kirkby said...

Hi, our number 3 son (4 1/2) has a working diagnosis of Aspergers. We are having a bit of a nightmare with getting him to go to the toilet for a poo. Did you ever have this problem iwth Ethan? Please could you share any advice?

Dad Stuff said...

Hi dj kirkby. We did struggle with toilet training. We tried at 2 years old, but he didn't quite get it until about 4 1/2 years old. I think what helped most was him observing his friends' and classmates' behavior. He was just like all kids. He was ready when he was ready. It just usually takes Aspies a little longer to figure things out.
Good luck. I'm sure number 3 will surprise you soon. Keep at it.

DJ Kirkby said...

hi and thanxs. Chopper and I think that Ethan's roadster looks amazing and that he is a lucky boy!

Lex Ham Rand said...

Oh, that is one sharp looking car. My dad had a Model T when I was growing up - brings back memories!

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