Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time for Plaid

Now that school has started and evening comes ever sooner to shorten our days, it's time to start thinking Autumn thoughts. Even though there are a few weeks left of Summer, a definite nip in the air tells me that Fall is getting ready to drag Winter to our doorsteps.

This nip in the air also signals a change in the wardrobe. Pretty soon the shorts and sandals will be replaced with sweat pants and snow boots. In the between time, I've started the clothing rotation by digging out my very best flannel items. When the temp shows signs of getting chilly but not yet sub-arctic, there is nothing more comfortable than flannel.

As you know, if you live in Minnesota, wearing flannel from Labor Day to Memorial Day is the law. But even if I lived anywhere else in the world, my flannel would follow me. Because besides the high fashion value, flannel is just plain comfortable. Nothing is more cozy feeling than flannel.

So you can see why my excitement level was so high while digging in my dresser. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

The one on the right is my all purpose pair of flannel pants. I wear these when relaxing in front of the TV or outside if I have any showing off to do for the neighbors. The pair on the left I reserve for more formal affairs. Those are worn on Sundays only during the Vikings football game. I need to wear them for good luck for the team. Whenever I don't wear them, the Vikings lose to Green Bay. They've also found ways to lose to other teams regardless of my pant choice, but once you pick a team, you have to follow them no matter how terrible. Plus, a team loss while wearing flannel pants doesn't sting as much.

I am troubled slightly by the fact that I know I had three pair of flannel pants last year and I can only find two of them this year. I'll have to remember to ask Lady Di about that. Or better yet, I'll have to make a shopping trip to Fleet Farm and update my collection with the latest plaid patterns. Lady Di doesn't always share or understand my fondness for flannel, but I know she will eventually learn to embrace plaid.

Flannel doesn't have to stop with pants either. I have a full array of coordinating, colorful flannel shirts to go with the pants. Sometimes I can get the plaid pattern in the shirt to line up perfectly with the pants, causing the ideal camouflage for Lutheran potlucks.

Here's a picture of one of my flannel ensembles from a couple of Februaries ago. Notice, it must have been snowing on a Sunday.

So after a hard day at work, or when the kids run me ragged, I know I can unwind and let my flannel absorb all of the tension from the day. So make sure you always have at least one article of flannel, preferable plaid, in your closet at all times. A roaring fire in the fireplace just isn't entirely cozy without flannel.

Once the weather starts to go polar with talk of wind chill and frostbite, then it will be time start digging for another Minnesota necessity, thermal underwear.


East Anglian Troy said...

Hi from the UK! I'm surprised you lost your plaid pants. I had some camouflage pants - they were so good that when I put them down I couldn't find them again. Will choose plaid next time!
Surprised to see an American using the word "Autumn" - I thought you said "Fall".

Lex Ham Rand said...

I LOVE my flannel pants - I have four pair! I sleep in them, wander around the house in them, and I even buy khaki pants for winter that are roomy enough so that I can wear my flannel pants UNDER my dress pants on cold winter days.

Flannel pants ROCK!

Mike said...

I thought about fannel, but I was afraid of being laughed at here in So Cal. 70 degrees at Christmas.

creative-type dad said...

Man, that's one snowy February.

Russell said...

I am not much on fashion thoughts (!!) but I DID find that snowblower extremely interesting! It looks like a Snapper or perhaps a Toro.

When I moved from town to this acreage the first lesson I learned - and fast - was that a single stage snowblower does not cut it in the country! I got a decent two-stage snowblower with a lot of power to move snow!

THEN I got a John Deere tractor with a large loader on it! Between the snowblower and the tractor I can keep the snow moved away!

As far as the Vikings, well, I will be honest... Ever since Bud Grant left it hasn't been the same!!

Take care.

Dad Stuff said...

EAT: Glad to see that flannel will be spreading across the pond.

Lex: I'm glad someone besides me thinks flannel rocks.

Mike: Perhaps some flannel shorts on X-mas.

CTD: We'll probably get more snow this year.

Russell: It's a Craftsman and it's 7.5hp and 24" are just enough for my driveway. But you still can drive the John Deere over if you want.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I love the picture of you there in your "matching" flannel. It must be a guy thing to wear that sort of outfit. I must say I don't have any flannel pants.

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