Monday, September 15, 2008

Did You Hear That Duck?

Recently, the family and I went out to eat at a restaurant. This particular restaurant, Space Aliens, closely resembles Pizza Planet from Toy Story. The food is not too bad and it has a game room for the kids. It also has a game room for adults called the bar, but the guy in the giant alien costume doesn't go in there to pose for pictures, so we had to stay in the restaurant area.

We gave each kid a few tokens to play the games until the food arrived. Two minutes later Sweet Pea comes racing back to the table for more tokens.

"Where are your tokens?"

"I used them already."

"Well, now you have to wait. You should have made them last longer."

Then came the protesting, pouting and finally wailing.

"Just go watch your brother play his tokens."
And knowing her, she probably conned him into sharing his tokens because he is such a nice brother.

Number One Son usually weighs his tokens out very shrewdly. He sets some aside for video games and others for ticket winning games. Because if you get a lot of tickets, you get to buy a bunch of crappy toys with them.

Just before the food came, N1S returned with an armful of tickets, prompting more 'No fairs!' from sister. So they each got a few more tokens after we ate.

At the end of their tokens, each kid fed their tickets into the counting machine and headed for the Alien Gift Shop for some bartering.

This is what they bought.

A Whoopee Cushion and Noise Putty. Can you see the connection? The Noise Putty's container is in the shape of a toilet and when you press down on it with your thumbs, it makes a farting noise. And the Whoopee Cushion should explain itself.

What prouder moment could a father have than when his precious innocents learn the value of money, bartering and supply and demand by buying flatulence novelties.

At least these are toys the kids are actually getting some use out of. Now every night at bedtime, SP blows up her poo cushion and places it under her covers for her unsuspecting parents to sit on when it is story time.

And I forgot to mention that N1S's Noise Putty glows in the dark. So he can have gaseous fun day or night.

The novelty is actually already starting to wear off. I haven't heard any offensive noises from the kids rooms for a while now. No artificial noises anyway. But, Gramma is visiting this weekend, so they may make a comeback.


The Father of Five said...

Farty toys RULE!!

(Mother of five would not agree with me on that one...)

Even I play with my kid's fart putty!

It's almost irresistible.

creative-type dad said...

Your kids are cool.

Casdok said...

Im with father of five! Appeals to my sense of humour too! Hours of fun!

Practically Joe said...

I once managed a restaurant/arcade similar to those in your post. it was called "Full Blast!"
I loved bartering with the kids for toys at the redemption center. I was a push-over.

Mike said...

Fart toys really are the best. Isn't funny that it doesn't matter if their boys or girls, they both go for the gross...

DJ Kirkby said...

Hah! N3S has recently discovered the joys of a whoopee cushion...sigh...I am no longer amused after one particulary embarassing incident recently with exactly the wrong type of guest present...

Anonymous said...

I know! We spend all this money on tokens and the kids want more and more to earn the tickets for the five cent toys they can trade them in for. Those toys end up costing us a fortune and they are total crap! But, playing the games is fun.

Phil said...

Hey, you won my book giveaway!

Send me your address...

BusyDad said...

Nothing trumps a good fart toy. At least until puberty.

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