Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why buy expensive apples?

We've had a pretty busy week. On Friday, Number One Son and I went to the local high school football game. We met one of his friends there and they got to sit together. They actually sat and watched the game for the whole first half. At half time though, I had to cut them loose for the concession stand. I gave him $5 for snacks for both of us. I learned my lesson at a basketball game last year. If I give N1S more money, he will buy what I asked for and then proceed to spend the rest on anything else they are selling until the money is gone. Which meant extra hot dogs and Gatorade even though we had just eaten supper.

So during the second half of the game, I caught glimpses of N1S and his friend visiting with each other and various friends that they ran into. At one point I saw N1S showing off his dance moves for a certain girl he knows. He set his popcorn and Gatorade down on the ground, placed both hands flat on the ground in front of him and kicked up both feet like a donkey. I guess he picked that up from his dad's break dancing routine.

Saturday found me on the golf course. This has been a rare occurrence this year. I was asked to play best ball with some friends and neighbors. I had a blast and our team finished even par. I was told that we finished first of the three groups, but strangely our prize money hasn't been delivered yet.

On Sunday, the family finally made it to the apple orchard. We went to the same one as last year. Everything was pretty much the same. The kids and I picked and sampled apples while Lady Di picked three pints of raspberries. After picking raspberries, Lady Di's forearms looked like she had been fighting a chicken. Raspberry bushes are mean.

Unfortunately, the apple cannon broke down just as we got in line. But the kids still got to ride in the cow train around the strawberry field. The kids got to pet goats, feed chickens and talk to geese too.

N1S looks like he is getting a little old for this. He really had to bend down just to get his head in. I know SP appreciated him being a good sport.

The weather was warm and windy. A nice day, but I prefer apple picking air to have a little nip in it. We may return in October for the corn maze.

We may have tried to cram too much into the weekend, but it was worth it. Even if it exhausts me, these family outings are a great blessing to me.

We got our apples weighed and tiredly returned home to catch the end of the football game. Another family tradition accomplished. I think this is our third year coming to this orchard. The kids are starting to remember and anticipate these trips when fall comes. Which is the reason we go to ballgames, field trips or stay at home and play board games. If we are together as a family, we will add memories to our experiences.


orlund said...

Those are the kind of times we remember most. My brother, sister and I have had great times together with our family. We now have just as great a time now looking back at it and laughing at all the silly things we did.

Casdok said...

Would love to see you break dancing!!

Treasured family memories, you cant beat those.

Anonymous said...

I can picture him dancing, showing off. Too cute!

I love going to the Apple Orchard. We have not been yet but I gotta go! I love Pink Lady apples and Honey Crisp. They are the bomb.

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