Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Birthday Girl

Today my little sweet pea turns five years old. Emery went to bed last night reminding all of us what tomorrow was.
"Hmmm. There was something I was going to remember about tomorrow. Now what was it?", I teased.
"My birthday, Daddy!", she shouted.
Emery and Lady Di had a Mom and Daughter birthday day today. After Emery's swimming lesson this morning, Lady Di took her to her first nail salon. Lady Di said that Emery had an ear to ear grin the whole time. They then went out for lunch at Subway and did a little shopping at Target.

You may ask why I wasn't invited. I had taken the day off from work to be with Emery on her birthday. Last night, I coached Ethan's team's baseball practice. As I was walking off of the field, I stepped in a gopher hole and twisted my ankle. Nothing
broken, but I had a lot of stiffness and swelling in the morning. So I am sitting with my foot elevated, indoors, on the best weather day we've had this Spring. Hopefully, I will heal up enough to join the family at Space Aliens tonight for a birthday supper.

Happy Birthday Half Pint. Don't grow up too fast.


Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Emery!!! Hope the day is filled with lotsa fun and happiness...and birthdays are always special days...have a great time and enjoy the special day!!!

lkc_lai said...

Happy birthday to Emery...sorry for late wishes. Uncle have been outstation for a week and today just able to check to blog and email.

Dear my friend, I think you have great celebration with your daughter. My little already 8 months old and another 4 months to 1 year old. How you celebrate? Perhaps you can give some trip.

Dad Stuff said...

Thanks lkc_lai. My only advice for a 1 year old party is to invite lots of family. Little Danish will like to show off.

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