Thursday, February 15, 2007

Season's Sweet(ings)

Valentine's Day is finally over. The flowers are drooping, the stuffed animals are hidden in a drawer and the kids have their decorated shoeboxes full of candy. In Sweet Pea's case, a shoebox half-full. And just like Halloween, Mom and Dad have to sort through the candy. You know, to check to see if it is safe. (wink, wink) The kids both got some pretty good candy. Nowadays, candy companies just market their everyday candy with holiday themed packaging. Which got me thinking about the yearly holiday candy you can only get at holiday time.

We might as well start with Valentine's Day. And start with worst candy ever made. The candy hearts with love messages on them. These are kinda crunchy, kinda chalky and kinda crappy. We left a bowl of the large sized hearts out on the table for the last week. Now anyone knows if a bowl of candy is left out, eventually it will be eaten. No matter how stale or awful. The strange thing about this bowl was that all of the pink hearts were left untouched. All other colors were gone. So now I know that the pink flavor is the worst flavor of the worst V-day candy. Heart shaped boxes of chocolates are also low on the list. Everyone knows that these boxes are recycled every year by the candy companies. The chocolates that don't sell at X-mas, transfer to Valentine's boxes and vice-versa.

Next holiday:Easter.
Who in the world likes Peeps? These are sugar coated marshmallows shaped and colored like chicks. They are another seasonal candy mass produced and stored for many Easters to come. Something I actually look forward to at Easter is Cadbury Eggs. Not everyone likes them, but I could eat two a day for the entire Lent season.

Now Halloween.
This is a holiday made for candy. There is so much great candy at Halloween, why would anyone give out peanut butter taffy? The cardboard colored taffy in the either orange or black wrappers. This taffy is so hard you have to warm it up in your mouth for 5 minutes before it pulls your teeth out. This is the candy that even SP will try to trade.

Another seasonal treat that I always look forward to, went on sale today.
So everyone, throw away the stale hearts and go out and get your Shamrock Shakes today.


Deb said...

I'm going to get my shamrock shake today! Thanks for the info!!

delightful-d said...

Yummy! I could give up all the other candies but I don't think I could give up my once a year Shamrock Shake!

There goes the diet........

simplicity said...

I love shamrock shakes-but I have to admit I also love those candy hearts...YUMMY to me! :)

Not a big fan of peeps so I'm with you there.

AppleSauce said...

I agree with the peeps and the peanut butter taffy has to be one of the grossest treats I have ever eaten! YUCK!! But I do enjoy nibbling on those chalky candy hearts! YUM! And the Shamrock shakes!?! Heck yea!!! Those things are delicious!!! >_< Only a month and a half before we get to eat those again!!! YES!!! >_<

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