Friday, February 9, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Since Valentine's Day is near, I would like to express my admiration and love for my wife. I know I don't tell her often enough. I appreciate what she has to put up with.

People who know me, know that I am a pretty aggressive homebody. I like to do things around the house. Things like nap, eat, watch TV, nap. If I hadn't found Lady Di, I would still be living in a one bedroom apartment with one chair and a milk crate TV stand. If I were responsible for the kids, they would be wearing burlap sacks with rope belts and every night would be pizza night.

Luckily, Di makes sure they are properly dressed and fed. She does very well to enable the kids to reach their highest potential. Where I am deficient in talking to people, she is a great communicator. When school starts, the kids' teachers soon know who we are. Di is in constant contact with school and any other program the kids are in. She volunteers and always thinks of their teachers at holidays. Ethan and Emery have benefited greatly from their Mom's energy, tenacity, and kindness. She provides many opportunities for us to make memories.
She also is very creative and a talented photographer and scrapbooker. Which fills another deficit of mine. I tried photography and filled an album with pictures of my thumb. I admire the fact that she is going back to college and doing well.

I owe a lot to my wife. She makes living day to day a comfortable adventure. She supports and motivates me. I look forward to spending many more days with her and growing old together.
I know some days her efforts seem to go unappreciated. The kids and I want her to know how thankful we are for all that she does for us. We will try to make this the best Valentine's Day ever.

You're're're beautiful it's true.


sweet treat said...

Awwww! That is so sweet! Di is a great person and a great mom! But those kids are turning out great because of both of you. You both are great people and both very loving! You two are perfect for eachother!

delightful-d said...

My Wonderful Husband! You had me crying from the first paragraph. You wrote a Valentine post for me. How could a woman want anything more? That was so touching. The best Valentine I've ever gotten!

We are so lucky to have you LB! The kids have a wonderful Daddy and I am the luckiest wife in the world! You make us complete.

Ok so I agree with you that the kids would probably be wearing burlap sacks and eating pizza but you know what? That would be ok too because they know how much you love them.

Thank you LB, my husband, my best friend, my soul mate.. thank you for all you do! We love you!

Now I have to go blow my nose......

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