Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spring Fever

Does anyone else have Spring Fever? Above freezing temps can have an uplifting effect on a person. I can't wait to smell the freshly thawed breeze coming from the nearby farms. The snow is mostly melted and got me excited to check the lawn. I love to mow the lawn. I like the straight lines the mower makes. The different designs you can make with it. I also like the fact that you can see exactly how much lawn is mowed and how much you have left to do. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Plus, I like to give a shirtless 'show' to the neighborhood every once in a while. I never see anyone outside when I mow. In fact most of my neighbors suddenly grab their small children and race inside when my shirt comes off. But I'm certain they're all sneaking a peek through the blinds.

So today, I walked around the yard. The front yard is full of 'Liberty bombs'. Liberty is our dog. Every spring she spreads a winter's worth of fertilizer in the front yard which gives the grass a nice, off color polka dot pattern. Well, I guess I'll have to get some rubber gloves and a bucket ready for Lady Di.

Another sign of spring is the seed and nursery catalogs that come in the mail. I love looking through these to get ideas of what to add to the yard. My problem is that I see all the things I like and imagine them in our yard already full grown. Then when the trees or plants arrive (usually during a late season snowstorm) all I have is sticks and droopy leaves to poke in the ground. But just wait until 2017! Then we'll have a garden party! Woo hoo!

One more spring time anticipation I have is finally finishing our deck. All that is left is the railings. Last fall I argued that since the deck is mostly finished, it can be used. One part of the deck is 9 feet off the ground. I thought I would just put down yellow tape where the rail would be next spring. The kids know they shouldn't cross yellow tape don't they? I was voted down.

Anyway, spring is on the way. Don't pay any attention to the forecast that calls for a blizzard with freezing rain this weekend. If we ignore it, it will go away.
Now, where are my biker shorts?


LB said...

This is your wife commenting.....
I'll save the Liberty "bombs" for a family affair. Love the shirtless look with those boots! I remember that is one of the reasons I married you - your "unique" taste in clothing.

Love the post - again!!

susie said...

Hey LB, love the look, but where are the speedos you said you bought to wear when you are out mowing?

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