Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superdud the Sequel

Last time, I posted about my Superman daydreams. This time I would like to know, if anyone else ever wished they were a super hero, or if it is just me. I'd like to hear who your favorite hero is and why. But you can't pick Superman. That would be cheating. Come on! He's the strongest, he can fly, x-ray vision, heat vision, cool tights and cape. He's got it all.
In grade school, everyone wanted to be Superman when we played super heroes. But, alas, the cool kid always got to be him. Then everyone would quickly 'call' their 2nd favorites until I was left with either Krypto (Superman's dog) or Wonder Woman. At least Wonder Woman had a cool invisible jet. Sometimes I would get to be Aquaman, but he is only good if you are in a swimming pool. And we had no swimming pools on the playground.

So, tell me of your favorite hero.

My favorite hero is Space Ghost. He was a Hanna-Barbara cartoon character I watched in the late 70's. He could turn invisible, fly, and shoot various rays out of his power bands. Power bands were special bracelets he wore with buttons to shoot his weaponry. These power bands were also his weakness. The bad guys always tricked Space Ghost out of his bands. Every stinkin' episode. I didn't say you had to pick the smartest hero. Without his power bands, he couldn't do anything except get tied up. Then he had to get his teenager sidekicks with their space monkey to rescue him. They also had a cool space ship that could be turned invisible. I guess I like invisible ships.
Space Ghost and other hero cartoons of this era were full of flying and shooting. No wonder we 8 year olds liked them so much. Not very much science and logic. The best part was, the heroes would be losing for the first 27 minutes of the episode. Then suddenly the hero would remember a forgotten super power that would miraculously exploit the bad guy in the last 3 minutes and fix everything. How does someone forget a power? I guess that's why the villains have the super-brains and the heroes have the super-braun.
So, let me know your favorite. If you don't have one, make one up. Although, Chin-up Boy is already taken.


delightful-d said...

Ok, so after a ton of thought on this topic... I thought at first I'd want to make up a character and be "jewelwoman". She could blind the bad guys or gals with her ring, shoot poision out of the other. Her arm muscles would be so strong that she could take on anyone or anything that got in her way. But then I thought I should be more "realistic". So I am picking the Plastic Woman. Wouldn't it be cool to bend into any shape or form like that? Slither into small cracks, mold yourself to a form so you couldn't be seen? To me that would be cool. So being that you haven't gotten many responses on this one, now it is time to move on....
I like your post tho...

lkc_lai said...

Dear my superman,

Thank you for your comments. Dream as become a superman always in children mind. I still remember when I was in primary school. I like cartoon very much. But my auntie used to complaint that watch cartoon is wasting time and she did not allow her children watch too much cartoon as me. Is this fair to a child.

As a child, we need to play and no to study hard. For what? Finally, I also having a degree. So, what is the difference either you study hard when you are young. To me, if you have a child. Lets he/she play and watch cartoon. Is good for them. Don't foolish our baby.

Best REgards


LB said...

I like 2 super heroes. They are Super Daddy and Manray. Manray is from Spongebob. Manray has a cool aquaray.

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