Friday, February 2, 2007


Last night, Lady Di and I rented the movie Superman Returns. I'm sorry to say, I expected a little better. The special effects were OK, but the movie, as a whole, moved at a glacial pace. I kept waiting for something to happen. Yeah, it was cool when he was flying, but there was a lot of dead space between rescues. During one of these 'dead spaces' I started thinking. I asked Lady Di, "If you could fly, how would you do it?" I wanted to know if she would fly with both arms straight in front of her, or arms at her sides going headfirst.

Without pausing she said, "I'd fly in a sitting position with my hands on my knees."
"What?", I uttered.
"And sometimes, I would straighten my legs to stretch them out.", she sighed. "Oooo! And I would point my foot like I was pressing the accelerator when I sped up."

When I finished rolling my eyes, I tried to picture someone soaring through the air, looking like they were sitting on the floor, watching Saturday morning cartoons. Superman would just not do that! I know she was giving the question all the 'seriousness' it deserved. Then I wondered, "Why not fly like that?" I think I'd like to fly on my back with my hands behind my head most of the time. Also, for fun, I would pretend I'm doing the backstroke through the air. Or maybe, spread my arms and legs like the letter X and cartwheel through the sky to my next rescue. Wouldn't that strike fear into the hearts of criminal masterminds?

Here's a trick I like to do when driving. I place my hands at 11 and 1 on the steering wheel. Then I straighten my arms. Now, I point my fingers straight ahead while keeping my thumbs on the wheel. If I look straight along my fingers to the road ahead, it looks like I'm flying down the road like Superman. Sometimes it's better if I close one eye. Try it sometime, it's cool.
That's about all for my 'Super Powers'. But, I am working on some others. I've perfected my power to nap instantly. I use that one when my nemesis, Mrs. Honeydo, is plotting her evil laundry plans. I'm also working on my Super Chin-ups. These are just like regular chin-ups, except I wear a cape when doing them.

To be continued....


delightful-d said...

So that is what you do when you drive huh? Scary... I always thought you said "the sun was in your eyes" when you were doing the one-eyed thing. Now I know when you are making that "blowing noise" when driving, I'll just let you be (in your own little Superman World).

If I knew you were going to post on my comment of how'd I fly, I would have put more seriousness into my answer. I would have said "I'd need an extension on my cape or "super carseats" for all the running I do with our children.

I'm going to put away my "super vacuum" and get my Super Powered Kenmore sewing machine out now and start on that cape....

Butrfly4404 said...

:) You guys are cute!

My hus plays Star Wars when he drives. Very similar, except the fingers are like lasers or something. Must be a guy thing.

I thought Superman Returns was very long with unnecesary parts...but my kids LOVED IT. Especially 6 yr old Sunshine. (girl).

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