Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sugar and Spice

Star Wars is cool.
Wait! Before you groan and click on Life is Good, hear me out. My two kids and I love to watch Star Wars movies. You'll notice, Lady Di has not yet associated herself with this club. A couple of weeks ago the temperature was -13 degrees. A good time to watch a movie. We decided to watch one of our Star Wars movies.
As we were watching the light saber fights and laser gun battles, my daughter Emery (4 y/o) was spinning around, jumping and falling in a heap on the floor. Lady Di turned to me and said, "Don't you wish she was more girlie?".
I turned and said, "Star Wars can be for girls as well as boys. All the cool kids are into it. Just like me."
I then got the eye roll that said 'whatever'.
Now, I know the really popular kids aren't exactly lining up for Darth Vader costume raves. But it is still OK to enjoy something, even when it is a little nerdy. And as far as being girlie, I think there is plenty of room for Star Wars and baseball to go with Barbies and ponies. Emery wears pink and plays shooting games. She likes video games and tea parties. She likes to dress up as ballerinas and pirates. As far as I am concerned, she is all a girl should be. She knows what she likes and works hard to enjoy the things she likes. She can be Princess Leia when she grows up, or Darth Vader. I want her future to be anything she wants it to be. I don't want to limit her to only, so called, girl opportunities. As she gets older, we will try many different activities to find out which ones she will enjoy. It may be chess club, basketball, dance or whatever else we can afford. She could be a beautician, astronaut or president. As long as she can support me in my old age, I will be happy and supportive with any decision she makes.
All I'm saying is, let your kids be who they are. Guide them from harm but let them make their own destiny. They will discover their own talents to be encouraged. Emery already has discovered one of her talents and she is working hard to improve it. This talent will certainly find her success in the BOSSING PEOPLE AROUND field.

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