Thursday, January 25, 2007

A bloggers husband.

This blogging thing has apparently gotten very popular lately. I have 2 acquaintances that have gone nuts for it. I'll change their names to protect the innocent. My first friend, let's call her, Sami Peterson, has been blogging for quite a while. Family stories, news, opinions, and advice are often posted. 'Sami' got her friend 'Didi Belson' started blogging recently. Let's just say, it caught fire. Since I am related to 'Didi' I can tell you a little about her blogging routine.
First, in the morning, on goes the computer. Our favorites list contains a school site, a bank site and 30 blog sites.

"Oooo!, I wonder if Sami has posted yet." Didi checks the computer. "Oh, she has! What cute pictures!" The phone is then speed-dialed to Sami. "I just read your blog. It's great!"
"Thanks" , says Sami. "I just read your last post. It's awesome! And guess what? I've just found ten more blogs for us to check out!"
"Really? I love it!" , screams Didi.
Then for the next 45 minutes or so, Sami and Didi, talk back and forth like Betty and Wilma on their cave phones. Blogging as they talk. O
r maybe talking as they blog. Jumping from site to site.

"Did you read what she wrote?"
"What kind of tree was in that picture?"
"How many comments did that posting get?"
"That one sounds totally made up."
"Did you check the blog contest?"

"I am so going to comment on this one."

And on, and on, and on. There is nothing wrong with blogging. I actually like to do it too. But when Didi gets her sites set on the computer, I usually have to grab the dog and dive out of her way, or risk getting steam rolled. Maybe things would be safer if we went wireless. But then blogging would move into other rooms of the house. I'd have to read posts like, "Is my husband's snoring more like a hibernating bear or a bullfrog?", or, "Emergency driver's licenses for 8 year olds, when Mom is typing in the van."

Sami and Didi are very good and entertaining writers and I encourage them to keep going, full steam ahead. I would recommend their sites to you, but I am keeping their identities secret until they wish to be known. Until then, I will be on my guard to jump out of the way when needed.

I am soooo going to get comments on this.


simplicity said...

I am sitting in my kitchen laughing so hard, Henry is staring at me like "this is weird."

Great Post LB!

I know that you are loving being a bloggers just makes life more interesting! :)

MajorDaughter said...

I'm sitting in my family room - wireless - laughing that although you've kept the bloggers secret I can identify them. Wonder what your secret bloggers will comment. LOL You're off and running, it won't be long. S's Mum

sweet treat said...

Can we say "obsessed!"
I think didi has a problem! j.k.
Your doing such a good job at this blog thing! Very interesting! And funny!

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