Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is a piece of cake

My wife got on the blogging kick a little over a year ago. It looked kinda fun, and since I am so computer savvy I had her immediately set up a blog site for me. "A little over a year" is pretty immediate for me. Now for the tough part. Thinking of something to write that someone would find interesting enough to spend the time and effort to read. I am open for topics of discussion. As long as they are trivial and/or sophomoric. But, be warned. There will probably be a few "cute kid" stories as well. I'll try to keep the best ones and let my wife do the leftovers.

Speaking of leftovers. Cake is always better on the day after baking. It is moister (if that is a word) and you can eat a bigger piece, since your "cake serving company" has gone home by then. And if you take an entire row of cake, your wife doesn't know how many pieces you have eaten. I'm not condoning secret- keeping from your wife, but sometimes 1 piece of cake isn't enough. And sometimes, the frosting on one piece of cake isn't enough either. That's when you use your finger to steal some of the fringe frosting that is left on the cake board after serving. Also, get a corner piece if you can. With a rose. Adding ice cream always improves cake. The best part of eating cake is eating the last piece in the pan. You don't have to dirty a plate. You can just scoop your ice cream right into the pan and eat. That also applies to the last scoop(or four) of ice cream in the bucket. Toss in a square of cake and grab a spoon. It is also more fun if you use the big spoons in your drawer. Now you have a picture of what I do at 9pm, in front of the TV, with a bucket in my lap.
Thanks all for now.


delightful-d said...

Great first posting. I Love IT.

I like my cake and to eat it too... :)

simplicity said...

Well I'll be LB! I think you've got this blogging thing down. Not bad for a newbie. Looking forward to reading all of your adventures in life.

delightful-d said...

I re-read your post and just want to commnet again.... You write just as you are - funny and witty.

I don't care what anyone else says about your blog, you tell stories that make me laugh, make me smile, make me love you more and more each day!

Please, please continue to post. I look forward to more of "you"!


Your wife......

DJ Kirkby said...

I'd just like to point out that the lovely Delightful D has an obvious bias in relation to the quality of your posts, being your wife and all...but I don't and I have to say that completly agree with her! Your posts are funny, friendly, warm and full of love for your wonderful family. I love visiting, I feel comfortable here.

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