Sunday, April 15, 2007

Workin' for the Weekend

Spring is finally here, and I finally have time at home to enjoy it. I had to work during that unseasonably warm weekend we had, when temps reached eighty. I am off this weekend so now it is my time take care of my to do list.
First item on the list- Take Christmas lights down from the roof.
Yeah, Yeah, I know it's April already. At least I turn them off after Jan. 1st. I just had a few weather issues with the ladder this winter. Besides, I asked Lady Di to do it and she refused.

Second item on the list- Get materials to finish the deck.
Last summer, I started building our deck. I got everything done, except for the railings, before it got cold last fall. So I decided to finish it the following Spring. Then we had unexpected warm Autumn weather. I was in a quandry. Should I finish? Will the weather last?
I decided to put up Christmas lights.

Third item on the list- Get the summer stuff out, put the winter stuff away.
This means getting the basketball hoop, porch chairs and grill out of the garage. Get the snow blower summer-ized and put in the garage. Time to polish up the lawn flamingos and arrange.
I hope I am not trying to do too much this weekend. I don't want to finish everything on Saturday and have nothing to do the rest of the summer.

Oh wait! I have Ethan's piano recital to see on Sunday. I don't want to be too tired for that. All that other stuff can wait for another weekend.


slinger said...

Thanks for stopping by once again and leaving your words.

I badly want to be at Anaheim for game five as I am proud to be the Wild's official good luck charm.

lkc_lai said...

Dear my friend,

Weekend also need to work? Spent more time for for family. Do not work like me until my wife used to complaint to me work like a slave. I am a Land surveyor and used to go to out-station for 3-4 days a week and let her my danish alone in the home. Pity of them. But I need to earn money to support them. I wish after I have the Land survey license and I able to enjoy my effort where I put in now.I think you situasition is better than me.

Yes, now is spring time. I never to US. I think one day I need to go there and view the beauty of spring over your country.

Best Regards


Dad Stuff said...

Slinger:Keep up the great pictures. I'm sure they can help the Wild long distance.

Lkc_lai:It is good advice to slow down and spend more time with the family. I hope you can visit the US sometime. And I hope I can visit Maylasia also.

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