Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashion Emergency

Thursday, Emery's preschool had wacky clothes day. She was so excited to pick out her own outfit. She chose her mismatched socks, and striped pants. She also wore her shirt backwards. Lady Di did a great job on her hair. Count 'em, 9 ponytails. Whew! They weren't so nice coming out however. She even had mismatched ear rings. One green frog and one pink frog.

Lady Di got to help at Emery's class, so she got to see all of the kids' wacky clothes. One girl wore swimming goggles. One boy even wore a wig.

Emery's teachers are so good at making learning fun. Emery is excited to go to class every day. Too bad she only has class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I think it's great that kids can still have fun, just by dressing in a funny way. I hope she stays this way a long time. At least at this age her Dad's fashion sense isn't embarassing her yet.


creative-type dad said...

That's funny! Sounds like fun.

There are two women at work who dress weird, like everyday is backwards day - it isn't cute.

Lex Ham Rand said...

Yeah, it's funny now, but my daughter was so enamored of "wacky outfit day" that she started dressing like that most days. Different colored socks. Wacky hair. That lasted until this year. 6th grade is a time of some kind of "fashion awakening." Now she complains about MY clothes being "too nerdy." *sigh*

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