Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring cleaning

Today the kids were bored so they wanted a job to do. I said, "You can clean something." So Ethan got a broom and started sweeping the deck. Of course, Emery always wants to do what her big brother is doing. So Ethan let her have a turn at the broom while he went to get a rag. He started wiping down the patio furniture. When Emery saw that, she wanted to use the rag. So Ethan had an idea to solve the whole problem.
He said, "Emery, let's pretend to be butlers. You can be the butler that does all of the raggin'. And I'll be the butler that does everything else".

That sounds a lot like the situation with Lady Di and myself. I'm not sure which one of us does more of the raggin' though.
"Honey! What are you doing with that rolling pin?!"

I don't have a story to go with this picture. I just thought it looked nice. This tree is in our front yard. We don't remember what kind of tree it is, but it's blooms are sure perty.

Here's a close up of a bloom.


creative-type dad said...

Butlers? LOL

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Mr. Belvedere for a few months.

Deb said...

If they get really bored, they can certainly come help me clean :)

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