Thursday, April 5, 2007


I've just found out that there is a brand new thing called Heelys. These are shoes with a wheel in the heal so a person can skate (break their neck) whenever they find a smooth surface. Places like grocery stores, school hallways, church aisles. OK, so they've been out a few years. But I hadn't heard of them until my four year old daughter said, "Can have some Heelys?"
"How do you know about Heelys?", I asked.
It seems there are two older girls in the neighborhood who have them and she's seen some commercials on TV. Now, every time we see the neighborhood girls, or anyone wearing Heelys, Lady Di and myself are reminded about our poor daughter's plight. And I mean every time.
"Mom. When can I have Heelys?", "Daa-ad. She has Heelys.", "I really, really, really need some Heelys!"
I'm going to try to discourage her a little bit by requiring her to wear a bike helmet and elbow pads whenever Heelys are on. Even in church.
I've been told they are a little expensive. So why would I buy expensive shoes for a girl whose feet will grow out of them in a year anyway?

Because I'm Daddy.

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Deb said...

Darn neighbor kids!!

Heely's are great!! Kids all of a sudden LOVE to shop. Menards, Home Depot, Cub, Target. They love them all! You just have to learn to keep up with them. You and Lady Di can each get a pair too. Just think how much fun you will have at the hospital...I mean the store. :)

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