Monday, April 23, 2007

Where's the Limo?

Our neighbor, Bridget, is a senior in high school this year. And last weekend was Prom. The kids were riding their bikes in the cul-de-sac when a car pulled in next door. A young man in a tuxedo got out and went to the door. When he came outside with Bridget, the kids were amazed to see the fancy couple. The rug rats aren't shy at all so over they went. They told her they liked her pink dress. Emery asked if they were going to get married. Ethan came back and told me her date looked like a butler.
When they finally drove off, Ethan turned to me and said, "Why does Bridget have a driver?"
I then had to explain all about dates and dances. (Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, etc). That's right Ethan, you're Dad had all the moves.

I like your sleeves.

A similar thing happened earlier in the day when Ethan and I were at McDonald's. Two Prom couples came in and stood in line. My back was to them so I pointed behind myself and asked Ethan, "Don't those kids have cool clothes?"
He looked and said, "Yeah! Their shoes are pretty cool."
After I had choked Dr Pepper through my nose, I spluttered, "What? Their shoes?" I figured he would have commented on the girls' brightly colored dresses or the guys' tuxes. I turned around to look at their shoes. They looked like ordinary Prom shoes to me. "What is so cool about their shoes?" ,I asked.
"They're cool colors."
I looked again. Ethan was talking about two toddlers, who had brightly colored Spongebob and Spiderman tennis shoes, standing next to the Prom couples.
"I was talking about the high school kids.", I said.
Taking a short pause from his sandwich, "Oh, yeah. They're cool too I guess."
This day we definitely were not on the same page.


creative-type dad said...

Were her sleeves at least puffy?

Dad Stuff said...

Sorry, CTD. I guess this year big puffy sleeves are out.

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