Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sleeping bag blues

A couple of days ago, Ethan and Emery's grandparents came for a visit. My folks, Lady Di's folks and my Grandma Peg came to see Ethan's play. It was a big weekend for everyone. On Saturday, after the play, we all went out to eat. When we came back home it was around 7:00pm. The kids then opened some Easter gifts from the grandparents since we won't be seeing them at Easter. After that, the kids were a little over stimulated and had some difficulty going to bed. Since we had guests, Emery slept in her Barbie sleeping bag in Ethan's room. This arrangement had worked in the past, but not tonight.
First, she had to come downstairs to tell us that Ethan was talking, and she couldn't sleep.
Then we heard some animal noises coming from the bedroom. I went up to ask what was going on. Ethan said, "Emery was roaring at me."
"Emery, why were you roaring at Ethan?"
"Because he was leaning over his bed and touching my blanket.", she replied.
"That's because she was touching my blanket.", was Ethan's immediate response.
Since this was about the fourth time I had had to go into their room, Emery was relocated. I put her and her Barbie sleeping bag in our room.
At about 9pm we could still hear her talking to herself in our room. Exasperated I asked, "Emery, what is the problem tonight?"
She said, "I'm sorry Daddy. I just can get the hang of my sleeping bag."

I hope she gets the hang of her sleeping bag for camping this summer.

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