Thursday, April 26, 2007

Play Ball!

Now baseball season is starting for real. I volunteered to help coach Ethan's baseball team again this year. He is in the Majors again this year. This is a league for 7 to 8 year olds. I got to meet the other two coaches for the team at the coach's meeting. They were nice and seemed as excited for the upcoming season as me. We also got our cool, bright orange uniforms. Not only stylish, but functional as well. Our kids will never 'blend in' with anything on the field. So no one will get lost.

Practice started last Tues. Ethan had a school concert that night so we missed the first practice. Sure looks good when the coach's kid can skip Spring Training, huh? Oh well, he will catch up.

Anyway, the coaches and I seem to be on the same page. The most important part of the game is to have fun. If the kids learn something along the way, even better. This league doesn't keep score so the competition is downplayed. I'll try not to get ejected from most of the games this year.

Along with learning baseball, we hope Ethan can also make some new friends and be part of a team. Every activity that we involve Ethan in, is an opportunity for him to exercise his social skills. He has to learn to spit like a big leaguer some time.

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