Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ahoy, Matey!

This weekend our son Ethan performed in his first musical play. The play is called Kokonut Kapers. This was a performance for 2nd through 6th graders. Ethan is one of a group of 'bloodthirsty' (singing and dancing) pirates. The play was very cute and the kids did a great job. They worked hard for the last two months. My hat's off to the directors of the play. The directors had two sets of about 40 kids to coach and direct and I didn't envy their job at all.
Ethan was part of a group of four pirates. They danced and marched with their swords and sang in the chorus. They each had head scarves, one earring, make-up beards and an eye patch. We were pretty proud. The kids were well prepared and Ethan was all business on stage. He didn't miss a cue.
At intermission, the audience got the chance to drop notes or cards into 'star' boxes that members of the cast had decorated themselves. People left cards, candy, flowers or other nice notes of congratulations in their boxes. Ethan got some baseball cards, an action figure and some candy in his box. He was pretty excited.
Emery was also excited, since she got some candy with a note too. Good thinking Lady Di. Although, Emery was counting Ethan's stuff to compare with her own.
Overall, this has been a great adventure for Ethan. He made new friends, learned about how a play is produced, and got to experience a performance. We hope his interest in the fine arts will continue. He has good rhythm and can sing pretty well. With his good memory and ease on stage, maybe he will get a speaking part in the next play.
It was a big day for Ethan. His two sets of grandparents and Great Gramma Peg got to see him perform. After the show we all celebrated at Ethan's favorite restaurant, Applebee's. His Auntie Sue and Uncle Tom will get to see him for tomorrow's performance.
I hope he can get some sleep tonight. His big day made him too keyed up to sleep right away. It will be fun to see the second performance. It usually is more relaxed and more fun. Maybe, Ethan will ad lib some pirate lines.

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