Thursday, March 8, 2007

Live Long and Prosper

Is anyone's church as cool as mine? Tonight, for our Lenten service, our pastor started off his sermon by talking about Star Trek. Honest! I can't lie about church now, can I? You should have seen the kids' eyes bulge and their neck hair stand straight up when they heard this. They both looked excitedly at me, as if to say, "Is this real?". I gave them a look back that said, "Oh, Yeah! This is going to be cool!" Pastor was talking about a Star Trek episode called "Mirror, Mirror" I think. Anyway, it's the one where Kirk and the crew use their faulty transporter, which is always breaking down, and end up on a different Enterprise space ship. This Enterprise is identical to their own ship in a parallel universe, with the exception that all of the crew is evil. Evil Spock even has a cool goatee. Our pastor was comparing Jesus to Captain Kirk, being in a place where everyone should be acting nice, but the opposite was happening. And then my mind drifted to Jesus firing a phazer and giving the Vulcan nerve pinch to Judas. Isn't that a nice thought before Easter. I'm not claiming to be a biblical scholar by any means. The kids usually make sure I only hear every 4th word said in church, so I usually have to fill in the blanks. My problem is, I fill in the blanks with stuff like Jedi Knights, baseball, and Frank Sinatra. I don't think Pastor has started a sermon with Frank yet, but I'll bet it will be soon. Maybe, it would be about Jesus and his 'Rat Pack' of disciples. Cool!

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