Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Apologies

Lady Di and I decided to watch a movie tonight. So I went to red box to get one. And since the red box is located so close the the shamrock shake machine, I had to get two of those too. While waiting at the counter, I spied the gift card display. I noticed that the gift cards were promoting the Torino Winter Olympics from 2006. McD's must have run out of sponsors so they had to go back in time one year. Anyway, on one of the cards was a picture of US speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno. Anyone who knows Lady Di, knows that televised sports are not that high on her priority list. Unless there is bench clearing brawl. Then her eyes get poker chip sized to take in the action. However, during last year's Winter Olympics, we had to schedule our nights around Apolo's races.
"When does Apolo race next? , she would inquire, "He's just so cute!"
"Well, he skates in a preliminary heat in 10 minutes, but he probably will only skate fast enough for 4th place to move on.", I informed her. "But there is an interesting story about a cancer cure on the other station."
"Quick! Change it back! I'll miss Apolo!", she shrieked in a panic.

So needless to say we saw every one of his races. He won a few medals and at least one of them was gold. You should have seen the venom in Lady Di's eyes when one of those nasty other skaters tried to push Apolo down or pass him on the ice.

Anyhow, my trip ended with me bringing home the movie, two shamrock shakes, and an Apolo Anton Ohno gift card. I neglected to put any money on the card out of protest.

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