Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dad Madness

What has happened to me. Tonight is the opening night for March Madness. I have no idea who is in the tournament. In my youth, I followed college basketball with a passion. I liked the action, the stats, the history, everything. When March came, I was just as nervous as the teams 'on the bubble' trying to get to the "Big Dance". My finest hour came in 1988. It was my second year at college. The dorm started a basketball pool and I gave them my dollar. I made my picks with Duke winning it all. That was the year of a lot of upsets. I think that was the year Georgetown and Syracuse lost early and Villanova made it to the quarter-finals. Anyway, Duke made it to the Final Four for the first time. I was the only one in the pool with Duke that high. I was also one of the few that picked any team in the Final Four. This brilliant flash of genius earned me $40 dollars. After that, I entered a pool every March, and every March saw me one dollar poorer. Some years were better than others, but I never made it back into the money. I blame the Indiana Hoosiers for most of my failed years.
Which brings me back to 'What has happened to me?"
I haven't entered a pool for about 8 years now. Is it coincidence that my oldest is eight? Is it coincidence that I was 30 years old when I last participated? Is it a sign of getting old? I can't be old yet.
If it is a sign of getting old, I am going to put a halt to my lethargy right now. I am going to put on my Air Jordan's and wrist bands and I am going to fill out a basketball bracket. I'll get Lady Di, Ethan and Emery to each ante up their dollar. And I am going to pick Duke to go all the way once again. $$$

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