Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Lady Di must have read my mind tonight and made brownies. The chocolate, gooey ones with chocolate frosting. She makes them so they stick together and you can just press your fork flat into them to eat them. You don't even have to wait overnight to let them set. So after having my piece, (plus a narrow row when she wasn't looking) , I followed it all with a big glass of milk. So why do dairy products always go so well with cake products. It doesn't matter what kind of cake a person eats. Chocolate, marble, carrot, wedding, milk always is a good match. The only thing better than milk with cake, is ice cream with cake. For some reason, after that bite of cake and frosting, milk or ice cream just washes the mouth sweetly clean for the next bite.
No other beverage comes close to milk for cake. Just try orange juice or apple juice. They just won't work. Beer sometimes works at the end of the evening, but it probably doesn't matter much what you are eating by then.
My favorite cake or bar to eat is pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese frosting offers another dairy connection to cake. Lady Di makes awesome pumpkin bars too. I wonder how clean I will have to get the garage to get some pumpkin bars.
I know this is my second post about cake. I don't think that's too obsessive. Not for cake, anyway.

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delightful-d said...

Glad you enjoyed the brownies. I was wondering who ate that missing row (it wasn't that small either)... :)

For you, my love, I'd make brownies or your favorite dish any day!

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