Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now what are we going to do?

Since I had to work this weekend, Lady Di thought it would be a good day to visit Gramma Ollie. The kids love to visit Mom's gramma. Gramma Ollie is 92 years young and hasn't lost a step. She still lives in her house and is sharp as a tack. She does crafts all year round. She still mows her lawn and sometimes shovels snow in the winter. Now, Gramma Ollie is getting ready to move into an apartment.
On the way to Gramma's house, Lady Di noticed a small house for sale in Gramma's neighborhood. She pulled over to read one of the fliers to compare prices with her gramma's house. Number One Son asked what Mom was doing.
"I'm just reading this to compare prices for Gramma Ollie.", said Lady Di.
"Why?", he said.
"Because she is going to move to an apartment."
"Why?", he repeated.
Lady Di answered, "So she can live close to people that she can play cards with. And she won't have to mow the lawn or shovel snow anymore."
Then N1S exclaimed, "What! Gramma Ollie's retiring?"

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