Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog the Vote!

Happy May Day. I don't know if anyone gives May Baskets anymore, but Sweet Pea and her neighbor friend exchanged theirs today. That's about all I have for May Day. And since I don't have any real posts ready, I thought it would be a good time to let you know of an honor I have recently received.

Apparently, I have been nominated by Father of Five to the Best of Blogs contest. This blog website rates blogs which are relatively new to the world wide web. In my case, new means 'low traffic volume'. Blogs can be nominated for various categories based on what kind of posts are written. I was nominated in the Dad Blog category.

I am very flattered that someone would think so highly of me to actually nominate me for something. I know very little about writing and my topics basically involve my kids, Lady Di, my interests and my kids. I've heard, you should write what you know. I know how to be a Dad to my kids, and how to mow the lawn, and that's just about all I know.

Anyway, with this nomination comes campaigning for votes. I'm sorry that I can't promise to lower taxes, or a 'chicken in every pot', but I will do my best to keep posting cute pictures of the kids and chronicling the life and times of Number One Son, Sweet Pea, Lady Di and anyone else who has the misfortune to cross my path.

For anyone so inclined to vote for me, the website is Or else you can click on the link at the left. Voting begins on May 5th, 2008. What a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

I'm not sure how voting is handled but, as I said, I am in the Dad Blog category, not the Icelandic, Naked, Snowshoeing, Recipe Blog category. I'm also not sure how the contest will list me. It may be listed as 'Stuff in my Brain', 'Dad Stuff', or 'Lbsimba' so you may have to search a little. Which ever one it is, go ahead and give me a click if you want to.

The kids were nice enough to volunteer their time and make me some campaign banners. I will have them going door to door this weekend, drumming up support and conducting various polls and other political-type things.

To raise funds for my campaign, Sweet Pea is going to host a $5 per plate tea party for all of her stuffed animals. If she invites N1S's action figures, we should have enough to make it all the way to election day.

Sing to the tune of 'Rock the Boat'

(Blog the vote.

Don't blog the vote, baby now.

Blog the vote.

Don't tip the vote o-ver.)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats! I hope that tea party brings in some major funding! Are you sure that it will be legal funding?;)

Russell said...

Congratulations on the honor! Nothing more important in life than being a good parent!

Keep writing and take lots of pictures!! When you get to be closer to my age you will sit down and look through the pictures - and you will never wish you had spent more time at the office!!

Lex Ham Rand said...

Hoo hoo!! I will be in Las Vegas Monday May 5 on business (really) so I will cast my vote for your blog from there!

Darren said...

Congrats! I tried to vote, but the voting is delayed. You should remind us again next week.

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