Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us.

Sweet Pea finally had her real birthday. She turned six this weekend. I know we already had a couple parties for her when the grandparents visited, but that didn't mean we could skip the actual day. Lady Di and I stopped by Sweet Pea's school to volunteer on her birthday. She was pretty excited. Later on we took her out for supper to Space Aliens and then back home for cake and a bonfire. The cake was pretty much the climax to the day.

Lady Di, once again, outdid herself decorating SP's cake. This was SP's first ever Barbie cake. We blindfolded her before presenting her cake so I could get a picture of her reaction. My timing was off, of course, and I managed to take of picture of a blindfolded Sweet Pea. Once she saw the cake she squealed, "Hey! That's my Barbie!"

Needless to say, she loved her cake and noticed many of the little details Lady Di included. Barbie had a frosting crown with matching frosting earrings. She then opened gifts which were all, "Exactly what I've always wanted.", according to her. Then we all watched the bonfire turn different colors from burning her wrapping paper.

I decided to borrow SP's birthday and celebrate a little myself while she was in school. I treated myself to a day of accomplishing nothing except fun. I happened to have the day off so I slept in after the kids went off to school. I then treated myself to a new bicycle. I've had my old bike for ten plus years and it was starting to show its age. I haven't been in the market for a bike for a while so I was obviously shocked at what a real bike costs. Instead of Walmart, I went to an actual bike shop. They had some pretty amazing bikes. I had to steer clear of the four digit price tags and settled on a nice mid priced mountain bike. I then had to accessorize and found a great pair of spandex neon colored biker shorts with a matching helmet. Lady Di saved me from embarrassment by talking me out of them.

Now, with nice weather and a new bike, I am all out of excuses for avoiding exercise. Maybe, the kids and I can go for a ride and give Lady Di a little peace for Mother's Day. Happy Birthday SP. Happy Mother's Day Lady Di and to all mothers today.


ALF said...

The bonfire sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! That cake is awesome! M would be loving that. Great pictures.

Casdok said...

A belated happy birthday and mothers day!! :)

The Father of Five said...

Bonfire already? I'm waitin' just a bit yet...

That cake is totally awesome! I love how Barbie is holding up two platters and the candles are on the platters!

VERY creative!!

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