Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Signs of Spring

Even though the weather is trying to confuse us, Spring is here and I have the proof. Of course, the trees are budding and perennials are starting to break the ground. The snow is finally gone and green has returned to most of the lawn.

I also use the kids as indicators of the change of seasons. We have window clings on display year round at our house. Every holiday has their own set. We have Spring flowers and frogs up right now. Our sidewalk chalk supply is being rapidly depleted and the bike miles are adding up.

I was also able to roll the basketball hoop into the cul-de-sac. Nothing is better than showing off to your neighbors by dunking on an eight foot hoop. Number One Son has shown more of an interest in basketball this year which, in turn, has improved his play. N1S hasn't been a natural athlete so it is nice to see him take a little pride in what he can do and improve himself with practice.

Sweet Pea, who is always ready to try something, has grown just enough to start shooting hoops too. I no longer have to, nor am able to, lift her to the rim to put the ball through.

It is also a good time for the kids to explore their backyard. As long as they steer clear of Liberty's contribution to the lawn, they can find lots of trouble to get into.

N1S was seeing how long it would take him to dig a hole completely through a rotten stump.

Sweet Pea and her friend decided that they wanted to build a fort. She came to me with puppy dog eyes and sweetly asked if I had any saws or drills that they could use. They settled for string and red duct tape. They started by gathering all of the largest sticks that they could drag on the ground. After a while they found my pile of extra boards. When I came out to check on their progress, SP's friend said that when they build forts at his house, they build cool forts. And when they build forts at SP's house, they are pretty forts."

Well, I think they did a very pretty job.

After all of that hard work, SP had to soak her feet in the water that collected in our fire pit table.

It must have been warm enough to say that Spring is here.


Charlie Blockhead said...

People think I'm working out but all I'm doing is lifting my 2 yr old from ground to goal 100 times a day.

creative-type dad said...

Great fort!

Reminds me of my childhood..making them out of appliance boxes.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank God for Spring. We are enjoying it here as well. Love the pictures.

pixie said...

Ahhh... the signs of spring -- finally! Good to see the snow has disappeared for you. That picture of Sweetpea's feet in the fire pit cracked me up for some reason!

Darren said...

It's been warming up here too. A few days near seventy already. I'm ready for the beach.

Above Average Joe said...

Dont forget that great phrase "Go outside and get some fresh air"

DJ Kirkby said...

SP wanted to borrow, saws or drills? Hahahaaaaaa! Children are so funny. I like your fire pit table, must show Chopper this post. No many places out here have driveways or gardens large enough to install a hoop...shame.

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