Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bowling For Cupcakes

We have finally brought an end to the endless birthday parties at our home. We've had family parties, neighbor parties, extended family parties, school parties and finally a bowling party.

We invited Sweet Pea's kindergarten class to a bowling birthday party. We invited her entire class, a few friends in other classes and her brother and his friend. I don't know what we were thinking. Luckily for us, only about half of her class were able to attend. The party still came to 15 kids, but once you reach more than 9 or 10 it doesn't really matter how many more show up. And as long as we are within 2 or 3 kids at the end, I don't see any reason spend that much time with a head count.

Our local bowling alley is less than a year old and has a really nice party room connected to a dozen lanes. We used three of them. The kids enjoy bowling as it is, but when the alley turned out the lights and turned on the party lights, the kids went nuts. Each lane had runway lights going up and down the alley. There were also a half dozen large screen TVs showing various Nickelodeon shows.
After the disco bowling, the alley staff brought cupcakes and root beer. Sweet Pea then commenced with the 'grand opening' of her double digit number of gifts. She made a big show of reading each homemade card and trying make everyone laugh with a joke. She did get a lot of laughs though. Comedy clubs may start requiring a two cupcake minimum.

Our party lasted exactly two hours. The alley staff were very efficient. The bowling alley then provided a small cup of tokens to burn at their arcade. I'm sure they do that just in case some Dads have any left over money keeping the moths company in their wallets. They only provide enough tokens for a game and a half. Just enough to get the kids into the arcade to work their financial sucking powers.

Overall, it was a fun and relatively low stress event. One of the kids' mothers stayed and was a great help herding all of the little bobcats. The bowling alley staff provided a great time for the kids and parents. Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea.

Now please tell me that we are done with birthdays for a few months.


Above Average Joe said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea.

The Champ went to a birthday party at a local bowling alley but it didnt have all of that.

pixie said...

This sounds TOTALLY FUN! Kids are a great excuse to still do fun stuff as adults!

And the title of your post made me wonder... wouldn't that be even a MORE FUN game?? BOWLING FOR CUPCAKES!! Yum :P

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! Bowling looks so fun. I see they have cartoons playing too. I have got to check out the bowling here. We have never done that and I bet M would love it.

That is a whole lot of birthdays! Probably a very expensive couple of months for you guys. Lots of fun though too!

LiteralDan said...

Man, I'm sorry I missed that party-- can I come next time??

Happy birthday to Sweet Pea!

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy birthday Sweet Pea! N3S had his birthday party at our local bowling alley, the staff were great and luckily, no free tokens!

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