Friday, May 16, 2008

Unda Da Sea!

Sweet Pea's creative side was in high gear this week. Her kindergarten teacher gave the class a homework assignment to make an aquarium animal at home and bring it to class.

You can tell that Sweet Pea got her creativity from Lady Di and not me. I would have drawn something that looked like the Jesus fishes on the back of many cars, cut it out, and handed it in. I might have colored it purple and yellow for my football team, but that would have been the extent of my artistic abilities.

On Wednesday, SP ran from the bus and exploded excitedly through the door and yelled, "Mom! We have to make something!"

As Lady Di read SP's assignment sheet, a hobbit sized blur rushed past her to dig in the kitchen drawers. Lady Di read SP's assignment and asked if she wanted some art supplies. Little did Lady Di know but SP was already busily gathering all that she would need for her aquatic masterpiece. She had markers, tape, glue, scissors, straws and, for some reason, zip lock baggies.

Well, since SP loves to do art projects and is generally quiet doing them, Lady Di let her freely express herself.

About ten minutes later SP's creation was ready for viewing.

Lady Di knew immediately what SP had made. Two jellyfish, of course. And according to SP, she made a Mommy and a baby jellyfish.

I would have never even thought of blowing up zip lock baggies and taping straws to them. She amazes me with the things she comes up with on her own. We will probably have to see if they can swim in the bathtub once they return from the kindergarten classroom.


ALF said...

That is so cute! What wonderful creativity.

Anonymous said...

She is very creative! Especially since it leaves a steamy, wet look on the inside of the bag just like a real water creature. Very fun!

Above Average Joe said...

Safe bet they wont sink to the bottom.

pixie said...

WOW! A+ for Sweet Pea, but even more props for you and Lady Di for letting her do it all by herself. Nice!

DJ Kirkby said...

That is one clever girly! Such happy looking jelly fish too!

creative-type dad said...

wow! Very cool

Russell said...

Always amazing what kids will come up with if given a chance!! Creativity has nothing to do with age!

I enjoyed your earlier post about your grandfathers, etc. I laughed at the "heads I win, tails you lose" comment!! A lot of people would not pick up on that right away - including me!!

I will go around today saying "Holy Biscuit!!" and, of course, the "Pete and Re-Pete" is good, too!

Take care.

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