Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Man's Junk...

Happy Belated Earth Day. Hope you all have been recycling and reusing and planting trees.

I'm sorry to say that our recycling practices are staying about the same. One new thing we are trying out is observing National Turn Off Your TV Week. We started on April 21st and we haven't really missed much. We did turn the TV on twice to see the ten o'clock news and once to watch The Office. I just couldn't help it. But other than that, we can say we haven't needed much TV.

We have been lucky since the weather has been very nice, so we have been outside most of the week during TV watching hours.

Sweet Pea's girl scout troop talked about Earth Day at her meeting this week. The troop leaders asked each scout to bring a bag of things going to the garbage. They spread out a tarp and dumped all of the bags together and created a mountain of cartons, paper, ribbon, beads, tools, cans, bottles and anything else headed for the landfill. The purpose of this idea was for the girl scouts to reuse the refuse, and 'invent' something useful from it. I'm not sure if anything of actual use came out of the pile, but many creatively decorated pieces of art were generated.

The girls dove into the pile of garbage just like it was a pile of new toys. Luckily, Lady Di had the foresight to send a couple of glue guns with me. Once the little scouts were told where to get their stuff stuck, I had a line up for the rest of the meeting. I got to glue nuts and bolts to boxes and plastic things to cans. One little scout wanted me to hot glue pieces of paper to a Dixie cup. First, we tried plain white school glue, but the Dixie cup had a wax coating which repelled the glue. I then went for the big gun and tried to hot glue her paper. The wax on the cup foiled the hot glue too, as all I was able to stick were my fingers together.

To match Lady Di's foresight, I also brought a useful item to the inventing party. Duct tape. I did not have the foresight, however, to realize that kindergarten fingers struggle when tearing duct tape. And since they were unable to tear the tape, it was, of course, what all of the scouts wanted. So when I wasn't burning my fingers with hot glue, I was tearing strip after strip of duct tape.

At the end of the night, Sweet Pea had put together a robot made from straws, a votive candle and an empty liter root beer bottle. Her robot was also prepared for camping with a broken flashlight around its neck.

We brought it home, showed Mom, and recycled it as soon as SP went to bed.
Now where is that remote?


Marla said...

Love the robot.

We sure do recycle here. Also bought the cloth bags for the store. We don't compost though so we are thinking about starting that soon. Glad you all do the same!

Russell said...

I remember "no TV week" when my daughter was in school. I think we usually did pretty good. At the time, Survivor was BRAND NEW and I think we taped it and once we broke down and watched it.

I laughed at your watching The Office. I like that show quite a bit and find it more true than not, though of course quite a bit exagerrated .... sort of...!

I know some people who think The Office is offensive - so I make it a point to talk a lot about it whenever they are around!! They, of course, find ME offensive, too, so it sort of works out okay...!

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