Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kids Gone Mild

Just to let you know, today is World Autism Awareness Day, which is kicking off Autism Awareness Month. If you happen to see the symbol of a multi-colored puzzle piece on someone, give them a slap on the back and a 'right-on, thumbs up'.

Spring Break has finally ended. The kids had a little more than a week off due to a teacher workshop tacked onto the end of break. The kids enjoyed their vacation, but were really ready to get back into the school routine. Number One Son had been rising with the sun for the last three days. I kept telling him he could sleep in but he didn't want to. He was also getting a little tired of playing 'Littlest Pet Shop' and 'My Little Pony' board games with his sister.

Sweet Pea didn't let her brother's enthusiasm for mornings influence her. All during break she slept in until a respectable hour. But you could tell that she was getting anxious for school to start again too.

I guess Mom and Dad are pretty boring. No MTV beach parties, no road trips to Daytona, no milk chugging contests. They did get to ride their bikes in between snow storms though.

On the night before school we mentioned that break would be over tomorrow and school would start again. Both kids raised their hands and yelled, "Yay!" It's nice that they are still at an age that likes school. It won't be too long until school is the enemy to be 'cut' at all opportunities and snow days will be prayed for more intensely than anything in church.

Until then, we will appreciate a 'fun school' attitude from them.

It's too bad that Spring Break couldn't have been a week or two later this year. The spring weather is just on the cusp of being really nice. Sweet Pea even commented this morning that she doesn't like waking up in the night. She means she doesn't like her mornings to be dark outside. But, the days are getting longer a few minutes at a time. At least the sun is up by the time the bus comes.

Before long, summer will be here and then the real vacation starts. If they were anxious for school after one week off, how will they handle three months? Maybe year-round school wouldn't be a bad idea.


Russell said...

I enjoyed your comments about spring break!

Our daughter is now 20 years old - but I still remember My Little Pony and other such classics! It almost makes me tear up (hey - man up!!) when I see those little toys and games in the storage bins in our basement.

A bit of sage advice...ENJOY every moment with your children! They grow up so, so fast and are still young enough that you are still their idol! You always will be, but they will go through a time when they will act like you are not...!

Take care and get back to enjoying those children!!!

Anonymous said...

We do a lot of babysitting here on Spring Break since many of my friends work full time. I will need a vacation after this week! Ugh.

I am with you on wishing the weather was nicer this whole week.

ALF said...

How cute that they look forward to going back to school - that's great. If only I looked forward to going to work with that kind of enthusiasm...


Don't know how I ran across your blog, but let me say well done. I too blog about family, marriage and being a dad. I must say, there's not enough Dad, Husband and Father blogs out there. Yours is excellent!

Thanks for doing what you do and keep it up!

Casdok said...

Lovely post.

Oh its Gary Newman!

pixie said...

And I was hoping for school to start again too! Volcano and Monkey were driving each other craaaaaazy, and I was tired of telling them to STOP FIGHTING!!

At least when Volcano's in preschool three times a week we all get some sort of break from the madness. The kids are so cute by themselves, but when you get them together they are purely toxic.

The Father of Five said...

I left a little something' - somethin' for the Stuffs in the sidebar over at The Life of a Father of Five!

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