Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Showers Bring Bunny Gingerbread Houses

Our rainy day activity for today was to assemble and decorate a bunny gingerbread house kit. The kids were asking what they could do today.

"Can we play out in the rain?", "Can I go to a friends house?", "Can I make mud pies?"

"NO!, It's raining too much. And we can only play clean games today."

Then Sweet Pea suggested that we put together our Easter Bunny house kit. "Mom said we were saving it for a rainy day."
"Boy! Does she have a good memory."

Our kit is actually a chocolate graham cracker kit and it comes with frosting pouches, decorating stuff and four cracker bunnies. It looked just easy enough for even me.

I let the kids do whatever they wanted to the house. They had to squeeze their own frosting and sprinkle their own sugar. So much for our clean game day.

I don't know what I was thinking. We also got our floor nicely 'decorated'. Luckily, Liberty was ready and waiting patiently under the table to vacuum up any wayward gum drops.
Halfway through her decorating, SP informed me that she was so clever.

"Oh, yeah. How come?", I asked.

"Because I mixed my yellow and blue frosting together to make green.", she proudly proclaimed. I'm so proud of my little scientist.

Number One Son made quick work of his half of the house. He put his frosting and candy in even patterns and was done in ten minutes. SP was letting her creative side show. She had to paint all of her walls completely with a plastic spoon. She also felt the house needed frosting snow and grass on the ground. In this picture SP did the front and the right side. N1S did the left side.
I only had to get after one of the kids once, when I caught one of them with her mouth on the frosting pouch.
I said, "You can't suck the frosting out of the pouch."
Her answer was, "I wasn't sucking the frosting out. I was just tasting it."
I guess that isn't as bad, huh?

The house eventually got finished. I don't know why I let the kids do what they wanted. The house came out beautiful, but the table and floor came out coated. I vacuumed the floor and the table before I used the spackle scraper to chip the hardened frosting away. But I did get the kitchen back to 'good enough for me' status.
I then let the kids go out and play in the rain to wash the frosting of themselves.

Now we have to decide when to eat the house. My guess is, it will probably get eaten during the week when the kids are at school. That darned Easter Bunny is so sneaky.


Above Average Joe said...

Its like play-do. Not worth the mess.

dennis said...

The sneaky Easter Bunny recently visited our house and ate all of the Easter Eggs!

delightful-d said...

Oh My! The bunny house is beautiful! Sweet Pea is so creative. I would have done the same thing - mixing the colors (and "tasting" the frosting). N1S did a wonderful job on his 1/2 of the house. He is so precise and even!
I miss you all so much! I am sorry I missed such a fun time with you, the kids, and the decorating project. I'm glad I wasn't around to see the mess.... However, I am glad Sweet Pea remembered that I told her it was for a rainy day. Perfect timing. See you soon!
XXOO - Mom

DJ Kirkby said...

Great house, bet it tastes good too. You got to watch those easter bunnies, thieving from children, honestly whatever next? We had snow yesterday!!!!!

ALF said...

Let them go play in the rain to wash the frosting off - I like it!


And there edible? Wow!

Marla said...

Wow. That looks like lots of fun but lots of work too. I am glad you all enjoyed it!

justagirl said...

Looks like fun! I just found your blog doing a search for others concerned with Asperger's Syndrome.

pixie said...

What a GREAT project for a rainy day! But save eating it for a sunny day -- so they can run around like crazy when the sugar kicks in.

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