Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Colors of Our Kids

To me our kids are comprised of many colors. I'm not talking about purple hair, or orange stripes on their skin. I'm talking about the many characteristics about our kids that involve color.

To start with, they each have a favorite color. I know that everyone has a favorite color, but when I ask most kids their favorite color, the answer is almost always blue for boys and pink for girls. Additionally, kids usually like to change their favorite colors often, sometimes multiple times per day.

Our kids chose their favorites early in life and have stuck with them without waver. Number One Son chose his allegiance to orange when he was very young. Sweet Pea has claimed yellow as all hers. Maybe it's just me, but those colors seem to usually be the leftover crayons in the box. I guess having orange as your favorite is pretty handy in October, but somewhat rare the rest of the year. Although N1S made good use of the color last summer when he had his expressive hair.

And Sweet Pea's yellow is good for drawing pictures of sunny days and I suppose that is why she likes it. Her room is painted a bright yellow so in the afternoon, when the sun shines in her room, our hallway is illuminated through her open door.

Even though SP's favorite isn't pink, she still likes to wear it. Lady Di and SP share a common interest in looking pretty. And SP is definitely pretty in pink. Her closet is three-quarters pink. And 99% of her pj's are pink. Somehow, a blue pair snuck in there.

Almost every kid grows up with a special stuffed toy or blanket. SP has her purple blankie. When she was a baby we had three or four blankies for her to use. Multiple blankies are necessary when the formula makes its occasional return trip. When she was just old enough to communicate a little it was clear that purple blankie was superior to all others. On more than one occasion, I tried to put her to bed with an impostor blankie. Her other blankies were the same size, weight, softness and all came from the same store. But even in the dark, she could tell which one was purple. Here she is with purple blankie in front of her yellow wall. Blankie is showing a little age around the edges but is holding up pretty well for a six year old blanket.

The last color associated with our kids is blue. As in the color of their eyes. Both kids were blessed with eye color that matches their mother's. All three of them have beautiful blue eyes which haven't faded to another color yet. I am the odd ball of the family (for more reasons than one) with hazel eyes. So, in our family, we have orange, yellow, pink, blue and purple covered. We will try to work in as many other colors as we have time for. I'm trying to develop a fondness for green but my bank seems to be at odds with me.

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pixie said...

Well, even though I wasn't "blessed" with the blue eyes, Monkey has blue but Volcano has green. Which is weird because Hubby and I both have brown. I'm glad, though -- I think I'd look weird with anything but brown.

About their favorite colors -- you are right on. Monkey is a big PINK fan. When she found out there was a singer named Pink, she declared that her favorite singer, too. But Volcano's is constantly changing. I think it's green today, but it'll change any minute. He even liked pink for a while!

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