Saturday, June 21, 2008


We've kept Number One Son waiting for nine plus long years, but this week we finally broke down and let him have what he wanted. Every month or so he has asked for this, and every month or so we had to put our collective feet down in defiance. As our defiance weakened and the timing was right, N1S saw his opportunity and jumped at it.

"Can I have a Mohawk?"

Sorry Grandma and Grampa, it's done and there's nothing to do now but wait until it grows out. Since it is the beginning of summer and there are no important pictures scheduled, we said it was now or never. Lady Di probably would have preferred never. But our hairdresser made a fun time of it. N1S was little tentative at the hairdresser's when she actually started to buzz him. He wasn't very talkative and I thought he was maybe having second thoughts. Sweet Pea helped a lot when she cheered him without any prompting from me.

"That looks sooo cool!", she gushed.

After that encouragement, he was excited to know what kind of clippers she used and was describing how different his hair felt.

SP got her haircut too, but it was a far far cry from a Mohawk. She probably lost just as much hair as N1S but you couldn't tell since she just got her bangs trimmed and an inch off her length.

Not as extreme as N1S but it looks just as good.

After haircuts, they each chose a Fun Dip from the treat basket and we were off to show off their coifs. We actually only went to the hardware store and the dump, but N1S did get some nice comments at the hardware store.

So now N1S has a haircut to match his skateboarding lifestyle. Or at least he looks like he has a skateboarding lifestyle. We also have to remember that he needs sunscreen on his head now. He hasn't gotten annoyed with his parents for constantly rubbing the stubble on his head yet. He even says he likes the way it feels.

Our plan is to let it grow out and get back to normal before school starts this fall. I'm a little worried now that we have let him have a Mohawk once, how will we be able to say no in the future? I guess it could have been worse. He could have wanted a hairstyle like this poor guy.

We dodged a bullet there.

Thanks, Father of Five, for the use of the picture from your last haircut.


The Father of Five said...

Totally ROCK-N-ROLL!!!

N1S is so totally ready to join RANCID (kid safe photo)...

So Punk! So Ska! So Kewl!!


(Tell your Dad he should get a matching haircut!!) I know I would! (after all, how could it be any worse than my last haircut!?!?!?)

Chris said...

So I have to ask, what is going to happen when your daughter asks for the same thing (if she does)? Will that go as well as your son? I think I would definitely have an issues with my divas and the whole punk look...but I guess you can only keep your fingers on that control button for so long... right?

delightful-d said...

I do hope July 3rd comes quickly. I only agreed to this cut because I figured if you said it was "ok", then it must be the right thing to do.
I have to admit, it is cute on him.
Please don't get any ideas from FOF to get a matching hair cut.... one mohawk is enough in this family :)

ALF said...

Wow - a mohawk. You must be some cool parents. I'm with Lady Di - I would have gone with never.

Pixie said...

OH... MY... GOD!
That was such a total shock for me! But I guess summer's the time to do it!

creative-type dad said...

Wow! Mr.T would approve

Anonymous said...

I dated more than one guy who had mohawks in high school. As far as I know all turned out quite well.

I think it is great when parents let kids express themselves.

I think it looks great!

lkc_lai said...

Wah....great hair. Teacher does not make any complaint?

I think if in malaysia, you will called by school.

Russell said...

You are a much nicer dad than I had! I was a kid when the Beatles were popular and he told me if I wanted to grow my hair over my ears then I would have to wear a dress! Knowing my dad, well, I knew he meant it! You didn't mess with him...!

Hope your son likes his haircut! I think it is nice for kids to be a little creative and do some things like that. Why not?

Take care.

Darren said...

You guys are cool! And I like it.

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