Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kickin' and a Chippin'

Last week, both kids finished up with their respective sports camps. Sweet Pea participated in a week long soccer camp. She went every morning from 9 to noon, and it seemed she came home muddier with each day. When I picked her up on Thursday, the entire swarm of six year olds were engaged in a water fight with their teenage coaches. They made it fun for the kids each day. Wednesday was crazy hair day, which SP greatly excels at. She has a superior talent to team up with Lady Di to create hair sculptures. This year the 'Zohans' produced a beautiful lion's mane with a rainbow assortment of pony tail holders. SP was having so much fun this week, I don't think she realized that she was actually learning how to play soccer.

She is also on a soccer league team again this year. Last year her team was the lavender gophers. This year she is on the pink wolves team. Whenever her team scores a goal, they all howl like a pink pack of wolves.

This looks like a pretty good action shot of her, but she was actually just hanging out in the goal with her teammates before the game.

Number One Son completed his golf camp this week also. He would get dropped off at the golf course for an hour in the morning. I really had to force myself to not take his place at the camp, since I am in need of much instruction. For those who know N1S, you know that he is not a natural athlete and struggles with team sports. Individual sports seem to fall more in line with his talents and temperament. This is the case with many kids with Asperger's. We are still involving him in some team activities, like his basketball camp later in the month, but so far he has shown the most success with solo activities. Even though golf is an individual sport, the instructors came up with team competitions for the kids to test themselves. I watched N1S's team win a chipping contest and it was nice to see N1S cheering on his teammates and celebrating with them when he chipped the last ball through the target.

I didn't get any pictures of N1S at his golf camp so here is one of him trying his best to chop a divot out of my beautiful lawn.

The golf camp couldn't have pleased me more. Now I have a real reason to spend some extra time at the golf course. I'm hoping that SP will show the same interest in golf and basketball when she is a bit older. We can then add a few more family activities to enjoy.


DJ Kirkby said...

What a lovely post. Your lawn is just gorgeous, ours is a tiny British sized one. I sure hope that N3S will be able to go to sports type activities on his won when he is older but at the moment I am content that he is still(!)enjoying learning how to horse ride.

The Father of Five said...

Like DJ Kirkby stated... I noticed the lawn too! Wow, I mean WOW! We have very few trees in our 'development', and the ones we have are still all pretty small.. This causes "brown lawn syndrome" - unless you dont mind $300/month water bills (and some of my neighbors Do pay that... gasp.. Not me!) I have a "light green" colored lawn...

Golf. I've never played. I took #1 of 5 to lessons when he was about 9 years old, and I watched, and learned... I always thought I would enjoy learning myself..

Then 3 years ago - a co-worker was replacing his clubs, and because he knew I am a lefty - and he is too - asked me if I wanted his old clubs (minus the putter - he watned to keep that one).

So, I now have a set of clubs - but have yet to take them out for a spin...

I guess I'll have to add it to my "bucket list"..

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