Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's New?

February seems to force us to think up new things to do. Since the weather is usually less than inviting, we bury ourselves indoors and brain storm ideas to fight the long winter boredom.

Last week, the kids and I created Tennis Bocce Ball.

I have to admit, we kinda stole the idea from our Wii summer sports 2 game.

What we did is gather four tennis balls from the garage. We marked one for each player and one for the bocce ball. We then just tossed the bocce ball around the house and tried to roll our own tennis balls closest to it. The one who rolled closest to the bocce ball got to toss the bocce ball for the next round. It is just like outdoor bocce ball without the five pound cannon balls putting holes in the sheet rock. One added challenge is trying to roll or throw your tennis ball around corners, through doors, up and down stairs, and into bathtubs.

Our dog, Liberty, also thought she was playing since we were using her fetch tennis balls.
Fortunately, no lamps or wall pictures were harmed during the match.

On an unrelated note, Sweet Pea recently was the recipient of a brand new pair of pajamas. They were the requisite color of pink with a High School Musical theme. The best part of the pj's was the matching HSM bedtime blindfold. You know, the fancy, frilly blindfold that rich people wear to bed to sleep off their merry making from the night before.

Well, SP was showing me how it worked last night. She proceeded to slip it over her eyes, laid back and then banged her head on the wall on her way down to her pillow. Maybe that's why those snooty rich people always wake up with headaches.

We told her that it might be a little unsafe to sleep with an elastic band around her head all night. She responded rather forcefully, "But I need it."

So we let her wear it that night. When we went in to check on her a few minutes later, she was sound asleep and her sleeping blind had indeed slipped from her dream filled eyes to her neck. Even though the blind is very flimsy with weak elastic, it has been removed from SP's room in the hopes that she will soon forget that she needs one.

So that's what's new with us. How about you?


DJ Kirkby said...

SP 'needs' her eye blindfold, lol, how sweet. N3S is sitll at the Disney Playhouse stage and the worst he gets up to as a result is bouncing everywhere like Tigger. Yes we do escort him up and down the stairs at the moment...no wonder I am completly grey at 40.

Darren said...

That's funny. Clare picked up a bedtime blindfold a few weeks ago at Target and wore it for a couple of nights. I'm not even sure where it is now.

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