Friday, March 27, 2009

Breaking Up Isn't Too Hard To Do

Earlier this week, we received some bad news from Number One Son. He told Lady Di he had something to tell her. Then he dropped the bomb. He got dumped by his girlfriend.

Well, maybe dumped is too strong a word. He was actually put into co-boyfriend status.

Back in November, N1S was in the community play Hansel and Gretel. At one of the rehearsals, he met a cast member who asked him if he liked her. She did this in front of a whole gang of her girl friends. He said, "Yeah, I guess." She answered with, "I like you too. We're boyfriend and girlfriend now.", and whole group of girls left squealing and clapping.

Knowing N1S, he probably just shrugged his shoulders and said OK. Those fourth grade girls sure are crafty.

Now fast forward to this week. When N1S son broke the news, Lady Di's first reaction was, "You have a girlfriend?" He told her the story of how they met five months ago and now she wants to 'take a break' from him to see if she likes Jason better. Considering N1S and his girlfriend were in different classes at school and haven't really seen each other for the last five months, he lasted pretty long in the relationship. He didn't even have to get her a gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day for crying out loud! Mind you, N1S still isn't out of the picture. We just have to see how things with Jason pan out. At least she didn't say she 'just wanted to be friends'. Even though that's pretty much what they were anyway.

Is this supposed to be happening already? I didn't think girls were supposed to like you until high school. Or maybe that was just me.

Lady Di said it seemed like N1S wasn't too upset over the whole deal. It probably served more as a reminder that he had a girlfriend. He may have even avoided a potentially unappetizing moment that Jason had to endure.

After relating his tale of lost like, N1S added that his ex also did something to Jason that was kind of gross. At that, Lady Di said her imagination was running wild with the possibilities. After inwardly calming herself down she asked, "What did she do that was so gross?"

"She took Justin's candy sucker and put it in her mouth." ,N1S answered.

Gross! Girl germs!


Casdok said...

Very cute!! :)

James said...

Tell him to play it cool and she will be begging him to take her back soon enough.

Dad Stuff said...

James: No problem there. I think he's forgotten already. Can't get cooler than that.

AppleSauce said...

hahaha that's hilarious about the girl germs!! you gotta watch out for those!!!

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