Saturday, March 14, 2009

She Chose Me Again!

Friday night, I was granted the opportunity to escort a beautiful princess to a fancy ball. Sweet Pea's elementary lunchroom was the location for this years Daddy/Daughter Dance. We went to last year's kindergarten dance and I was lucky enough to have the prettiest girl in school ask me again this year. Another thank you goes to Lady Di for setting the stage for a magical evening. The girls started at the hairdresser's for a fancy bouffant. SP insisted on braids meeting in the back. Her exclusive hair stylist, Jeanette, once again worked her hair magic. Lady Di also saved my skin by ordering a corsage for me to present to SP.

SP wore a black sequined evening gown that matched the sparkle of the glitter in her hair. I wore my same old suit as last year, but with a green shirt.

For our pre-dance meal, we dined at the swankiest Subway in town. Last year, we went to Perkins, so this year I decided on a less messy, non-pancake serving restaurant. At the soiree, we got our portrait taken together. SP then ran off to squeal and giggle with her many friends. I'm used to my date ditching me at dances, but usually not before the first song. She did return to me though and we helped ourselves to cookies, goldfish crackers and punch. I tried to do the gentlemanly thing and pour her punch for her, but apparently first graders like to do that sort of thing by themselves.

The dance started with a few slow songs which brought out many graceful ballet-princess moves from the girls. We then had some fun with The Chicken Dance. Then they played the song Shout. The jumping and running part of the dance then started. At this point I was uncertain who was dancing with who. SP would be spinning with me one moment, and swinging hand in hand with one of her girlfriends the next. At least I didn't accidentally grab a Dad's hand and start jitterbugging.
We took a few breaks for door prizes. We didn't see much luck there though. Here is the gumball machine SP wanted to win.
When the clock struck eight o'clock it was time to go. Each couple received a cup of candy to share. I got one piece of gum and I'm not sure where the rest of it ended up. We were both pretty exhausted and ready to go home and tell Mom and Number One Son all about our evening.

It was another very successful event attended by many dads and daughters. One dad was attending his 15th dance. I won't make it to 15, but hopefully, SP will keep me in mind for next year's dance to add to my total.
Here is a last shot of SP taking a break from all the fun toward the end of the night. She did let me pour her water for her that time.

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creative-type dad said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to these when my daughter gets older.

I'll show off my breakdancing skills! Or maybe not if I ever want to make dance #2.

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