Friday, January 25, 2008

Hitting the Gym

It's resolution time. Well, I guess I'm a little late. In an effort to improve our health, Lady Di and I decided to get a punching bag. Running in Minnesota is not very fun in the winter. The ice cold air feels like needles in your lungs and the ice likes to jump under your shoe at surprising moments.

So we sought out a fun way to get a workout in our home. Lady Di mentioned to me that she really likes to hit things. So, in a way, buying a punching bag is saving me from extra 'love bruises' as well as giving us a workout.

I have to say that our new 100lb heavy bag was working on the very first day. Just wrestling it down the basement steps burned a few hundred calories. I immediately replaced those calories with a few brownies.

Once it was in the basement, I got excited to break out the tools and hook it up. First thing to do on the list was, ask Lady Di where she wanted it. Our basement is unfinished so I thought it would be a quick job of putting up a short beam, installing the bracket and hanging the bag on the bracket.

Well, the job went a little longer than I expected. Lady Di did a good job picking out a spot to hang the punching bag. Unfortunately, the spot she chose had a mess of duct work and obstacles to work around.

After cutting a beam out of scrap 2X6's, I got it wedged in approximately the right spot before it got stuck. A hammer relocated it to the correct spot. With the beam securely in place, I readied the bracket. The guy at the sporting goods store recommended using longer screws than what come with the bracket kit. I agreed since I was planning on really bringing the hurt to this punching bag.

I had some four inch torques screws left over from my backyard deck project last summer. I felt these should be more than adequate. I only needed two and they were up to the job. Except, that both of them started to slip on the drill bit when they were three-fourths of the way in. Thanks to the aforementioned duct work, I was unable to keep the drill straight on the screw, thus causing the slipping and stripping of the screw head. So after half a dozen drill bit switches, I was able to get a vise grips pliers on them and hand turn the last half inch a quarter turn at a time.

Once the screws were in, I was ready to hit the showers. I'd already had two workouts and the bag wasn't even on the hook yet.

Getting the bag up was surprisingly easier than I anticipated. Fortunately, the chair I was using to stand on to put up the bracket was just the right height to sit the bag on. The chain came down right to the loops on the bag and one,two,three,four we had a boxing gym.

Now, hopefully, it will stay up a few days.
Then the kids came down to 'help'. They always seem to have great timing that way.
"Can we box now?", they asked.
"Go ahead. Knock yourselves out.", I punned.

In the pink corner, weighing in at fifty-two pounds. The Sparkle Spitfire. The Princess of Punch. The Glitter Gloved Pig-tailed Pugilist. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Peeeeeeeeeeeea!

And in the blue corner, weighing in at sixty-five pounds. Jabba the Hit. Obi Wan K-Obie. The Beanpole Bruiser. The Lethal Lego. Number One Sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Llllllllllllet's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLE!

The first to try out the new exercise equipment was Sweet Pea. Right away she balled up her tiny fist of fury and gave the bag a growling round house punch. Immediately, followed by "Ow!". I guess her knuckles are not toughened up enough yet. Then she decided to get revenge and give the bag a swift kick complete with another 'Grrr!' Followed by another "Ow!" Bag-2, Sweet Pea-0.

Number One Son then eyed up the heavy bag and carefully took aim. He gave the bag a "Hi-Ya!" jab and answered with his own "Ow!". I guess the kids need to work up their knuckles if they want to show this bag something. They decided that hitting it was a lost cause, so they started swinging it back and forth between each other. I quickly put a stop to that. I don't need 100lbs of stuffing knocking over kids and bringing down duct work.

So now all that is left to do is use it. Lady Di and I have matching boxing gloves and I got some of those super large baggy boxing shorts and a mouthpiece. I have to go out now and get a Rocky poster to tack on the wall for inspiration.

Gonna Fly Now!

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delightful-d said...

Ding! Ding!
Great photo of the kids! That smile on E's face is priceless! Poor N1S doesn't have a chance. I think sweet pea is going to take after her mother and she too, is going to "like to hit things" (?):)

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