Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caught Peeking

The family and I were eating supper the other night and we happened to have the television on. We usually have to turn the TV off during meals to keep the kids' from being hypnotised and accidentally sticking a carrot up their nose.

But the kids were being good and they were right in the middle of a 'Dog Eat Dog' rerun on the Gameshow Network, so we left it on. If you are not familiar with the show, contestants have to perform stunts involving swimming, climbing or other physical feats. Since many stunts involve swimming, contestants must wear bathing suits. Since contestants wear bathing suits, contestants are usually young, athletically fit and physically appealing. The bathing suits are usually a bit revealing also.

Like I said, we were eating supper when Number One Son, impulsively shouted, "Wow! Look at that girl!", startling Lady Di and myself.

After I removed the carrot from my nose, Lady Di and I turned around to see a female contestant in her bikini on the screen. As I said, these contestants are young and physically gifted and she was no exception. Lady Di and I looked at each other uncomfortably and wondered, what do we do now? N1S has never shown any interest in the opposite sex before. He's only nine years old. Maybe we were jumping to the wrong conclusion? He does usually notice things that we don't.

So I casually asked, "What's so special about her?"

N1S must have realized that he may have spoken a bit too loud and excitedly. He hesitated and got an embarrassed grin and stammered, "I just thought she had a cool swimsuit."

Sure she did. I guess we jumped to the right conclusion after all. Mark one more milestone for N1S.

Later in the show, one of the male contestants was chosen for a stunt. Lady Di then wondered out loud, "I wonder if he has a cool swimsuit too?"


The Father of Five said...

We used to enjoy watching "Fear Factor" as a family. (The gross out's and the outrageous stunts..) But it too was the scantly clad women in swimsuits that made both my wife and I just a wee bit uncomfortable.

The women were not what I would consider "average" in build - and they stuffed them into bikini's that were way too small.

We both decided that that was not the "subliminal" message we wanted to send the kids (both the boys and the girls), and so we tapered off our "Fear Factor" time. (It was not a "cold turkey" or a "YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO WATCH THIS SHOW" type of situation. We just sort of "tapered it off" until it was not missed.)

Our 12 and 10 year old boys have not yet had that "slip up" - but, I have heard them snicker when a "boobie" joke is overheard, or the neighbor (9 year old) tells a "tween boy" joke.... So, I know it's there.. Hidden just below the surface.

- - - - - -

On a side note - I promise to have the 7th and final "Layer of Me" up before I go to bed tonight... I know it's been a while, but I gave this one a lot of thought, and have some ideas I want to get down that are floating around my head!

Have a great day!
David the "Father of Five"

SciFi Dad said...

Tell the truth: did he get an attaboy when the wife wasn't looking?

ALF said...

that's so cute.

Above Average Joe said...

We usually turn off the tv at dinner too. Mrs. Joe has timed dinner to arrive right as whatever cartoon is ending.

Anonymous said...

hee hee, my eldest is just past that stage, he's a young 15 year old so doesn't even mention anything of that 'ilk' now. He just blushes a bit then changes the subject.
However, he did get a lot of Birthday cards from girls last week - and he's starting to have showers and clean his teeth without being asked. No doubt copious amounts of aftershave will be next!
Love your blog and thanks for hopping to mine.

DJ Kirkby said...

I laughed out LOUD(!!!) while reading this post...unfortunatlety I had a mouthful of tea at the time...

Marla said...

That is just too funny! It is always a shock when you realize kids realize these things in the shows we watch. M told us just the other day that she likes it when the kids kiss on the Nickelodeon shows. I just about fell off of my chair.

Darren said...

I've watched Dog Eat Dog too. You know, for the impressive intelligence of some of the contestants.

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