Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Last weekend, we met a crossroads. And this was a big one. Should Sweet Pea get her hair cut?

SP started growing her hair eight short years ago. From day number one she has had fast growing hair. Almost every day of her life has found her with a braid, pony tail, pig tails or a snarly hairstack. Lately, her hair has preferred the snarly hairstack most of the time. Most mornings the hairbrush would hide itself for fear of another 'boot camp workout' through SP's tangled jungle. These hair brush excursions through the brier patch were also not very fun for SP. This was one reason that SP was talking more and more about a new do.
The other reason encouraging her was that a couple years ago her cousin, Spice, with long hair had donated her hair to Locks of Love. SP was all excited about this.

So SP was all ready to chop it off.

I was ready to give up arm cramps from brushing for thirty minutes each morning.

Number One Son was ready to stop listening to SP scream every time I caught a knot in the hair brush.

One member of the household, however, was struggling with SP's decision.

Eight years ago, Lady Di had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her beautiful baby girl has had beautiful long tresses for many of those years. Her beautiful hair has held countless pony tail holders, barrettes, hair bands, ribbons, tiaras, combs, flags, flowers, curlers and many other accessories and accoutrement.

This was from one of our many wacky hair days at school.

Over the last eight years, SP's hair has been an important part of her. And Lady Di wasn't sure if she wanted to let her beautiful baby girl go just yet.
But in the end, we finally wore LD down and she made the appointment.

LD and SP took a trip downtown to Rocco Altobelli and made an afternoon of it. SP was very excited and was telling everyone she saw that her hair was going to Locks of Love today. When she sat down in the chair, LD's beautician Michelle, started brushing SP's hair.

"Oh my goodness", she exclaimed. "This hair is to die for!" Then she called all of the other girls in the salon over to show them SP's hair. They all then took turns running their fingers through SP's thick luxurious hair. Commenting on her natural highlights and waves and how perfect it was for Locks of Love. "I think there is enough here for two braids!", her stylist stated.

She braided two twelve inch long cords of SP locks and 'one', 'two' snips and they were gone.
I don't think SP shed a tear, but LD's eyes leaked a little salt water that day.

The stylist did a good job on SP's new short do. Much better than this haircut. And SP was all smiles too.

When she got home she couldn't wait to show everyone. She acted just like the shampoo models on commercials by shaking her head side to side to let her hair fan out. Then she would bend her head back and slowly run her fingers through her now shorter luxurious hair.
In the end, everyone loves SP's new look. We still have our beautiful baby girl. I have had to make one adjustment though. Now when I have to find SP in crowded group of kids, I can no longer find her by looking for the child with the pretty, long hair. I have to look for the slightly more grown up looking, short hair of my still beautiful daughter. The daughter I'm proud of for generously donating one of her prized processions to make life better for someone else's daughter going through a tough time.

For now, we are all enjoying SP's new look, but I know it won't be too long before the hair brush goes on strike again.


The Father of Five said...

Kudos to SP! What a generous selfless gift! (Kudos to Lady Di too!)

sue said...

I love it!!

Maria said...

My girl wears a wig...alopecia. Thank SP on our behalf!

Dan said...

Wow, a big change. But as you say, she's still your little girl :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Her hair looks gorgeous, I like the new sleeker look but I'm sure you're right about it not lasting long.

Work at Home Dad said...

Wow nice hair. I love it.

pixie said...

What a gorgeous haircut! And what a great way to teach your kids about charity and giving! Way to go Sweet Pea!!

Anonymous said...

her hair cut looks so cute!!!! it's funny a week or two later i got my hair and it looks almost exactly like that!! >_<
*high five to SP for donating to locks of love!!* ^_^


Anonymous said...

I have a salt water leak now.
I love you all and I'm very proud of you and your generous heart, SP!
The Pitmans!

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