Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guess what? Answers!

The results are in. Time to grade your papers. Let's go through the answers to last week's quiz together. Everyone pass your paper to your neighbor to the left and use a red pencil to correct the quiz answers. If you need to refresh your memory of the questions, just scroll to the last post.

The answer to #1 is of course, Chicken Butt.

This was a popular question when I was in school. Chicken Butt was always the smark aleck answer to 'Guess what?' Now I use it to teach the kids not to start every conversation with 'Guess what?' It hasn't worked. In fact, I think I just taught them to be smart alecks as they now purposely say 'Guess what?' just to hear me say Chicken Butt.

The answer to #2 is, Cow Pie.

I don't know where this answer comes from but it just sounds fun.

Lastly, #3's answer is, In Your Hair.

I have heard these three answers to these three questions ever since grade school. Now that everyone knows, please use them liberally.
Questions 4 and 5 were pretty easy. I hope everyone knows Red sky at night, sailor's delight, and How now brown cow.
Questions 6 and 7 may have been a little more difficult. These questions came from one of my college classmates who always quoted these sayings whenever we did some college 'celebrating'. Whiskey to beer, never fear. Beer to whiskey, pretty risky. Both are good rules to follow when overindulgence is to be practiced. However, we usually used them after the fact on the following morning to explain why some friends had worse hangovers than others.
Numbers 8,9 and 10 come straight from the grade school playground. I'm sure everyone knows what to do when you 'Miss me' twice. Now it's time to pucker up. And everyone has threatened to stick a needle in their eye to prove their honesty. But I hadn't heard of #10 until our kids were in school.
The answer to Made ya look, made ya look... is, 'now you're in the baby book!'
I just think this taunt sounds cool.
Of the last two questions, one is old school, one is new school.
Number One Son's first grade class went through a phase where all the kids wanted to make you say the word, 'What'. Once someone said the unutterable word, they had 60 seconds to get someone else to say 'What'. So what happens to you if you don't get rid of the word? Endless mock and ridicule until you use your Dad power to reverse the game into 'Whoever says 'What' wins.
The final question is also a trick to get someone to say 'Underwear'. This trick never gets old. I have played this trick on friends, family, co-workers and strangers at the mall. The joke probably won't work in Victoria's Secret, however, and it might actually get you a visit from mall security.
So you can all heave a sigh of relief, the quiz is over. Please pass your papers back to the right and hand them in. I grade on a curve and am open to bribes of most varieties.
Thank you to all who participated and left comments. Thirteen comments is the most I've ever had for a post. I know a few of the comment were my own but that still counts doesn't it?
Now I will have to gather more questions for the next quiz. Keep your minds as sharp as your number 2 pencils, because you never know when the next pop quiz will be.

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