Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, what do you know?

Sometimes my mind wanders here and there and I can never predict where it will end up. Did I say sometimes? Well, this particular mental stroll took me to a place that made me think a midweek quiz would be fun. I'm not talking about a Jeopardy level brain workout. It's more like a, let's see if anyone else thinks of stupid stuff like this, quiz.

Now don't worry. I won't think you are stupid if you ace the quiz. Conversely, missing a question or two will probably land you squarely in the middle of 'normal' intelligence.

Here are twelve questions that I found hiding in the couch cushions of my cranium. Please choose a question and leave your best guess in the comments. I am looking for only one correct answer per question, but being the all powerful quiz judge that I am, I welcome any and all creativity.

I have one last request though. Since this is my quiz, and I know a few of my friends that will easily get all of the questions, I am limiting participants to only one correct answer. Which means, you may leave as many answers to as many questions in the comments as you want, but to make it fun for everyone, you can only answer one question correctly.

That means I need to have a minimum of twelve readers leave at least one comment. Now I don't want this to sound like I'm creating these crazy rules just to boost my comment numbers. That is why I'm doing it, but I don't want it to sound that way. But come on! When you average 2.2 comments per post like me, a rare double digit comment section will send me through the roof.

So spread the word and let's see how many brainy eggheads are out there!

Section 1
1. Guess what! _____ _____.

2.Guess why! _____ ____.

3. Guess where! _____ ___ __.

Section 2
Complete the saying.

4. Red sky at night, _____ ______.

5. How now _____ _____.

6. Whiskey to beer, _____ _____.

7. Beer to whiskey, _____ _____.

Section 3
Complete with a grade schooler's answer.

8. Miss me, miss me, ___ __ ____ ___ __!

9. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a ____ __ __ __.

10. Made ya look, made ya look, ___ ___ __ ___ ____ ____.

Section 4
Answer these riddles.

11. You have 60 seconds to get rid of what word? ____.

12. What's under there?

That's it. Be sure to stretch out before tackling these mind benders. Next week I'll post the correct answers and maybe even chime in with a few comments of my own. Although, I'm sure twelve very bright people will supply all the answers needed. Right?


Anonymous said...

1. Guess what! Chicken butt...

David B.

Anonymous said...

7. Beer to whiskey, "gimme kishkey!"

8. Miss me, miss me, ___ __ ____ ___ __!

Didn't I already respond to #8 in #7?


The Father of Five said...

#4. Red sky at night, SAILOR'S DELIGHT.

Brenda R. said...

#5 How now...brown cow.

Dad Stuff said...

Ok, we're off to a good start with the easy ones. How about some creative guesses for the others?

Dad Stuff said...

And by the way, gimme kishkey is a good answer but not the correct one.

Anonymous said...

2. Guess Why? Cow pie
8. Miss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me
9. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

DJ Kirkby said...

7. Beer to whiskey, whiskey to wine.

Anonymous said...

12. What's under there?

"under where?"

I can't believe I fell for this one! I just said underwear!

Anonymous said...

6. Whiskey to beer, all clear.

7. Beer to whiskey, mighty risky.

Anonymous said...

5. How now pow cow?

Dad Stuff said...

Now that's more like it! A lot of correct answers. Although, I like DJ Kirkby's answer too. What comes after wine?

DJ Kirkby said...

'Now off I go to sleep, feel'in just fine'.

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