Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Gotta Feelin' That Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

And this night was definitely a good night! In fact, for the third year in a row, it was a great night. I'm talking about the annual Daddy/Daughter dance. Sweet Pea and I look forward to this every year. SP gets the royal treatment by getting her hair done at our favorite bouffant master. Jeanette outdid herself this year. Somehow, she was able to sculpt, weave and turbo-curl SP's hair to create a work of art again this year.

Here's the before.

Here's the during. I can't believe Jeanette could keep that bunch of tangled Christmas cords straight.
And here's the after. A masterpiece! She even has flowers in her hair to match her dress. Thanks Jeanette for three straight years of beauty. I hope we can book you for next year's dance. And thank you Lady Di for putting the whole ensemble together. Not everyone can match hair to dress to shoes to corsage to tie.

Now I had the challenge to spruce myself up enough to be in SP's league. It wasn't easy, but with Lady Di's help and a matching tie, I was able to clean up enough to qualify to be SP's escort.
We started off the evening by having a fancy family dinner at our favorite restaurant, Applebee's. Even though, Number One Son and Lady Di were woefully under dressed, we still let them stay at our table.

Once SP and I ditched our third and fourth wheels, we sped to the dance. As we were signing in, I could hear the music from the Black Eyed Peas thumping and SP started dancing in the hall before we even entered. Surprisingly, we bypassed the snack table and immediately started to shake our bootys.

But after two or three songs, SP said she was hungry. Never mind that she had just eaten a plate of Applebee's shrimp less than twenty minutes ago. Oh well, what the lady wants, the lady gets.

We dined on Goldfish crackers, M&M's and punch before returning to the dance floor. I couldn't believe how good the DJ was too. It was like he had a copy of my iTunes account. He played all my favorite songs from Miley, Taylor, Beyonce and some guy named Bieber. It was kind of cute when Beyonce's song 'Single Lady' was played, because there were about a hundred plus single ladies dancing with their dads.

We also had the requisite YMCA, Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance. The DJ even slipped in some Michael Jackson. Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean. My moonwalk muscle was very sore the next morning.

I think this was during the 'Put your head in' verse.

The evening ended with a raffle for various toys which, once again, we didn't win.

Even so, it didn't damper our evening. SP got to twirl her dress a lot and squeal with many of her girlfriends. I got to jump around with my daughter and act like Prince Charming. I can't wait for next year.


The Father of Five said...

I keep meaning to watch for a "Daddy/Daughter" dance down here - but never get around to attending one.

Sure looks like you and SP had a GREAT time!

Simply Scrapping said...

Loren, I will love reading your blog and catching up...You both look fabulous...Tell Diane Hi

pixie said...

SO cute!!

DJ Kirkby said...

You both look perfectly gorgeous. SP's hari do is amazing! This Daddy/Daughter dance is unheard of over here. It's a good idea though. I would have loved to go to somethign liek that with my dad but they didn't do them in Canada while I was growing up, maybe they do now. I bet Di and N1S had a fab evening too.

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