Thursday, June 3, 2010

If You Want To View Paradise...

It's hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since the kids performed Willy Wonka Jr. My typing fingers must be getting pretty lazy.

This year Number One Son played the role of Grampa Joe and Sweet Pea was Little Orphan Annie. I know, there is no Annie in the Willy Wonka movie. Well, this production included the Bucket family recklessly splurging on extra electricity to listen to the Little Orphan Annie Radio Show.

This year so many kids auditioned that they had to form three casts. Each cast performed two shows. Lady Di and I were lucky enough to see one show from each of the other casts in addition to our kids' two shows.

Here's Charlie and Grampa Joe singing about their lucky 'Golden Ticket'.
Here they are meeting Mr Wonka at the gate to his factory. It looks like Mr. Wonka could stand to eat some of his own chocolate.
Our Little Orphan Sweet Pea. Do you think she knew where the camera was?

Singing her solo. She was also voted "Best Wig Ever!"
Here's N1S's good friend 'Violet'. She has been in other productions with N1S and has the best voice in the fifth grade. Violet's solo was called 'Chew It' and the songwriters did a good job rhyming to 'chew it'. My favorite line was 'There's no reason to poo poo it'.
Oompa Loompas! Sponsored by Chia Pet.

The candy boat ride with the ghoulish ghouls scaring the naughty children.

N1S's friends Violet and Augustus posing for the 'parentarazzi' following curtain call.

At least they can 'act' like they like each other for the camera.

Every year these shows get better and better. And I can honestly say this show was the best they have done. I'm not just saying that because I'm a parent and I have to say it. The directors do a great job getting over 180 kids to perform to their greatest potential and have so much fun doing it. The best part is the pride the kids have in their hard work. SP and N1S are certainly not shy on stage and definitely not shy about telling you all about their shows. These positive experiences are providing confidence and memories that the kids will have forever.

N1S's upcoming projects include a summer theatre camp production of The Music Man Jr. and possibly a show this fall called 'Show Choir'. In between gigs you can find him spending time with his beloved Wii console.

This summer Sweet Pea will be working hard kicking a soccer ball, basketball camp, girl scouts and a community ed theatre workshop.

Today is the last day of school for the year. How many days until next fall?

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